Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amazon: Earning Money on the Internet

The saturation of the Internet in so many homes today offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to earn money. Whether the goal is to earn some extra spending money or to find new means to earn a living, being innovative on the Internet is just as viable as it is in real life. With fresh and original ideas, one can find great financial success on the Internet.

Most people don't have the luxury of time to pursue ideas of a fruitful money-generating business, so finding ways to earn some extra cash is more practical. One of the most popular means of earning money on the Internet today is by selling merchandise on 'marketplace' websites. EBay and Amazon have become household names and are surely feasible ways add some money to your wallet.

About seven years ago, I went back to college at the age of thirty-five. The price of textbooks had grown appallingly high since I had last attended. The average prices ranged from $60 to over $200 per textbook. At the end of the semester, rather than keep a book that became suddenly useless, students sell the books back to the college, normally at a fraction of the original cost. One semester, my professor had suggested Amazon as an alternative to the university bookstore. At Amazon, I found I could purchase used versions of the textbook at a much lower cost. Once that semester had ended, I took a shot at selling my books in the same manner, and I now run an Amazon business that gives me some extra income.

As I continued to sell textbooks, I began to look around at all the other books, videos, Cd's and such that were collecting dust on my shelves. I had always heard that if you haven't used something in two years, you should get rid of it. With this in mind, I began to list other items on Amazon and in the past few years I've earned a steady stream of pocket money.

Listing items on Amazon is free and simple. Just type in the name of the movie, CD, or book you want to sell and Amazon lists titles applicable to your search. Once you find your item, click on the "Sell Yours Here" icon, describe its' condition, name a price, and your item is officially "listed" for sale. All you need to do next is wait for an email from the site telling you that your item has been sold. Once you've sold your item, you need to pack it and ship it within two business days.

Of the many ways one can earn money on the Internet, Amazon is a great and easy way to put some money in your pocket, while also purging some of your clutter at home.

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