Monday, July 30, 2012

A Short Vacation...

Good morning folks.  I'm headed out for a mini, two-day roller coaster road trip an so I will be away from John's World for a day or two.  See ya soon!  

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - I'm Outta Love - Anastasia

Today's song just made it in the 90's, being released in October of 99. This was a downright club anthem from a chick with some powerful pipes!


I'm Outta Love - Not That Kind

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - When I Come Around - Green Day

One rock/punk band that was borne out of the 90's is still around as strong as ever is Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt an Tre Cool hit the big time with their third studio album, Dookie, in 1994. This was the 4th out of five hit singles off that record, their best-selling album to date. Enjoy and Happy Sunday!


Dookie - Green Day 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

R.I.P. Son of Beast

Two summers ago, my friends Rich, Eddie and I went on a roller coaster trip through Pennsylvania and Ohio.  It was a fun trip, 32 coasters at four parks in eight days, and we had a lot of fun.  As a coaster enthusiast, I always aim to ride as many coasters as I can, and this trip was a mini-jackpot.  One of the places we visited, which was much better than I expected, was Kings Island, just outside of Cincinnati.

Kings Island is full of great coasters, too many to recount right here, but I do remember seeing this one giant wooden structure and salivating at the sight of it.  After moving through the park a little, we noticed that it seemed to be closed, and so we asked one of the ride attendants about it.

"Oh, that's Son of Beast.  It's not open anymore," was her reply.

Son of Beast, huh?  I'd heard of it before, but didn't know much about it, except that I remembered it had a loop, which was weird for a wooden coaster.  Apparently the ride was too rough and the park had shut it down just the summer before, in 2009.  I promised myself that when I got home I'd research the coaster and do a piece about it, but I never did...until now.

I just wrote an article this morning on the demolition of the legendary roller coaster at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Son of Beast was one of the baddest wooden coasters ever built, erected in the year 2000 as the sequel to its namesake, The Beast.  Son was the tallest (216 feet high), fastest (74 mph), and second longest wooden roller coaster ever built and yes, it had a straight-up loop.

I was sad that day that I couldn't have tried it, and I'm sad again to know that I never will.  Here are a couple of videos of the legend, one is a POV shot and the other is an animated ride.  Enjoy, and check out the article on Son's demolition right here.




I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Love Will Never Do (Without You) - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is another one of those artists who flourished in the 1990's, and this one was one of my favorites from her 1989 Rhythm Nation 1814 album.  Love Will Never Do became Janet's 7th Top Five single off the album and her 5th #1 song.  The Herb Ritts-directed video was shot in black and white, and featured then Calvin Klein underwear models Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Djimon Hounsou.  Miss Janet wore a black tank and a pair of jeans and was as stunning a woman as the men were beautiful.  Check it out:

Love Will Never Do (Without You) - Rhythm Nation 1814


Friday, July 27, 2012

Music News Bytes - P!nk's new video and track listing; J-Lo's "Goin' In"

Welcome back to Music News Bytes, a short collection of music news stories I follow.  This week, we've got some new videos by P!nk and J-Lo, and a track listing for P!nk's upcoming The Truth About Love album.

P!nk is Back!

After four full years since her last full-length studio album, Funhouse, P!nk is officially back!  Earlier this month, the uber-talented singer-songwriter released the first single from her forthcoming album, The Truth About Love, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), and the song is already a top ten hit.  This week P!nk unveiled the black and white vid for Blow Me, which you can check out right here.

In the meantime, the singer's album is due out September 18th, and the track list for the album has also been released.  Check out the songs you'll be listening to in the coming months:

1- Are We All We Are
2- Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
3- Try
4- Just Give Me a Reason
5- True Love
6- How Come You're Not Here
7- Slut Like You
8- The Truth About Love
9- Beam Me Up
10- Walk of Shame
11- Here Comes the Weekend 
12- Where Did the Beat Go?
13- The Great Escape

Some of these songs sound juicy, right?  Well, soon enough...

J-Lo's New Video and Greatest Hits Set

Jennifer Lopez is celebrating the release of her first greatest hits set, Dance Again, earlier this week with the debut of her new video for Goin' In, featuring Flo Rida and Lil John.  The song is not as good as the title single, but it is fast and furious!  Check it out right here.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Whoomp! (There It Is) - Tag Team


Rap/Dance music was one of the biggest musical movements of the 90's, and this was a fun one that's still a lot of fun to groove to.  Tag Team's back again...


Whoomp! (There It Is) - Whoomp! (There It Is)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo

Here's a nice ballad from 1998 that I had almost forgotten about! It's from two former members of the R&B group Jodeci, and it was their most successful single.  Great tune!

All My Life - All My Life / Tell Me It's Real - Single

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Top Ten Pop Songs of 2012...So Far!

Lately, it's been getting increasingly frustrating to write online.  Between the new YouTube policy of not allowing to share many of their videos on other sites anymore (even a lot of the old songs!) and Yahoo, from which I'm feeling very neglected lately, my desire to write has been overwhelmed by the problems.  

Herein is a piece I wrote at the end of June for Yahoo which has yet to be published.  I wrote a similar piece last year and it got plenty of page views, but suddenly someone over there thinks that linking the songs to the same website is a big no-no all of a sudden.  I wrote them back on July 7th about the issue and have yet to hear back from them.  

In the meantime, what was meant as a mid-year piece has now gone on for almost an extra month, and rather than scrap the whole thing I figured I'd at least try and get some page views here.  For what it's worth, enjoy.  As always, comments are always welcome. 

The year 2012 has already been a great year for pop music.  With several songs from established artists and a couple of ditties from newer ones, the year 2012 has already added plenty of great tunes to the annals of pop music.  Songs like Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” will be played on radio stations, dance clubs and iPods everywhere for a long time to come, and we’re only half way through the year.  Take a look at this writer’s picks for the ten best songs of 2012, so far:   

#10 - Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

This torchy ballad from Adele’s hugely successful “21” album was the third official single and third straight #1 for the singer, breaking a record set by the “Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack” as having three straight #1’s while the album has been in the top spot.  The song worked well as a dance remix, too, getting plenty of airplay in clubs throughout the year so far.  Check out Adele’s video for the song right here.

#9 - You Make Me Feel – Cobra Starship, featuring Sabi

Cobra Starship has been around for several years and four albums now, and this shiny, happy song, featuring the guest vocals of singer Sabi, has been one of their most successful songs to date.  Take a look at the video to this catchy tune right here.

#8 - Where Have You Been - Rihanna

Rihanna is a hit-making machine, and she struck it big once again with this, her fifth Top 40 single off of “Talk That Talk.”  The song is another nice, synth-filled dance track that’s become the trademark for this Barbadian born songstress.  Check out the video for “Where Have You Been” right here.

#7 - Part of Me – Katy Perry

Katy Perry just keeps rolling with another catchy pop tune, which she premiered at this year’s Grammy Awards.  Check out the video for “Part of Me” here.

#6 – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)– Kelly Clarkson

Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson made a successful return to the music scene in October of last year with her fifth studio album, “Stronger.”  After hitting it big with the first single, “Mr. Know It All,” the defiant title cut stormed the charts in February becoming her third #1 single.  Take a look at the video for Kelly’s “Stronger” right here.

#5 - We Are Young – Fun, featuring Janelle Monae

This dramatic, coming of age  song was yet one of those sleepers hit of 2012, with a cover performance of the song on the hit series Glee giving it the boost it needed to hit #1 on the charts.  Check out the video for “We Are Young” here and the Glee cover here.

#4 - Glad You Came – The Wanted

The sun goes down, the stars come out
And all that’s left, is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came

The year 2012 has seen the much heralded return of the boy band, with two British groups, One Direction and The Wanted, vying for the attention of music lovers and young girls everywhere, and it all started with this song.  The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” is a very sweet and very pleasing to the ears kind of song, with catchy lyrics set to a nice, tropical island beat.  Check the equally tropical video for the tune right here.

#3 - Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye

The combination of lyrics many can relate to and a smooth, beatnik groove made this one a powerful radio force all over the world, and countless remixes and covers of the song have gotten great airplay, as well.  Check out the video featuring Australian-Belgian Gotye and sultry New Zealand songstress Kimbra right here.

#2 - Starships – Nicki Minaj

Hot rapper chick Nicki Minaj is less of a rapper and more of a pop/dance singer on this somewhat silly, yet very catchy and fun summer song.  Check out the video for “Starships” right here

Now, lemme hear ya say Ray, Ray Ray...

#1 - Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy
Here’s my number, so call me maybe

Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepson has had the runaway hit of the year with this pure bubble gum ditty that is catchy sing-along at its best.  Check out the equally cute video for “Call Me Maybe” here

These ten songs aren’t the only notable songs from the year 2012.  Honorable mentions for great songs from the first half of 2012 include Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake,” Jessie J’s “Domino,” Jennifer Lopez’ “Dance Again,’ and two hot Maroon 5 songs, “Moves Like Jagger” and “Payphone.”  Stay tuned to a radio station near you too see what’s in store for the second half of what’s been a great year so far.

Unlimited Music, Everywhere. Try Rdio for Free.

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Missing - Everything But the Girl

And I miss you 
Like the deserts miss the rain


Missing, a 1994 song by Brit duo Everything But the Girl, was the only really big hit song for them, and the soft and tender, ballad-ish song worked well on pop radios and on dance floors, too.

Missing - Amplified Heart (Bonus Track Version)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) - Celine Dion

The year was 1997, and during that year and the years that followed, nearly everybody on the planet saw the James Cameron film, Titanic, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.  The tragic romance aboard the ill-fated ship between a penniless Jack Dawson and young, high-class Rose DeWitt Bukater struck a chord with movie audiences worldwide, making it one of the best loved movies of all time.

The film was nominated for a whopping 14 Academy Awards and won 11 of them, including Best Picture, tying a record set by the 1959 film Ben Hur. Titanic was the first movie ever to reach the billion dollar mark, earning over $2 billion, and it remained the highest grossing film ever until Cameron's Avatar surpassed it twelve years later.

The song, "My Heart Will Go On," was almost as huge a success as the film, selling 15 million copies worldwide, and becoming Celine Dion's most successful single ever.  The theme song fits the movie perfectly, and anyone who was around back in 1997-98 heard this #1 tune on the radio probably more often than they'd care to remember, and on a cruise to Bermuda in 2000 I simply could not get the song out of my own head for seven straight days. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and there were so many couples on the boat, too, emulating that memorable scene between DiCaprio and Winslet towards the front of the ship.  I bet that still happens!

My Heart Will Go On - Titanic

Note - Just recently, a commemorative 3D version of the movie hit theaters nationwide for a limited time in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, April 15, 1912.  I'm sorry I missed it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Promise of a New Day - Paula Abdul

Towards the beginning of the 1990's, Paula Abdul was on fire. Having hit it big with singles from her debut album, Forever Your Girl, in the late 80's, the former choreographer to the stars came out with her sophomore set, Spellbound in 1991 and kept right on rolling at first.  Though the second CD did not fare as well as the first one, it did produce a #2 hit (Rush, Rush) and this one, which peaked at #31 on the charts, (though it was much better than that!).

The Spellbound record was a good one, with the fast and funky Vibeology, the sweet Kisses on the Wind, and the equally kitschy Will You Marry Me? Unfortunately Ms. Abdul's musicall star would not last much longer after this album.  She tried a couple more times to put out new music, but never again achieved success in that realm, but of course for a few years she was the sweetheart judge of the popular American Idol and then...

Note- Take a look below the video for a special bonus!

The Promise of a New Day - Spellbound

As promised, here's a special bonus for a mundane Monday.  The hit 90's TV show In Living Color was famous for parodying then-popular music videos in often sidesplitting ways.  Here's the show's Kelly Coffield as Paula Abdul, poking fun at her oft-mentioned weight problems, her brief fling with talk show host Arsenio Hall, among other things.  Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Madonna in the 90's: Conclusion

The Girlie Show

In September of 1993, Madonna hit the road with The Girlie Show, a tour in support of her Erotica album. It's one of the few Madonna tours I missed, but that could be because she only played five dates here in the US (due to the low sales resulting from the backlash against Sex and the album).  I did watch the show on DVD, however, and it wasn't her best.

The Girlie Show was part circus act, part burlesque, and a little too much sex for my taste.  The show did not include many of her past songs, except for a select few, and much of the Erotica album was covered.  Check out a Girlie Show performance of Bye, Bye Baby, one of my favorites off Erotica:


Bedtime Stories

Next up for Ms. M was the much overlooked Bedtime Stories album.  Released in October of 1994, this one carried on in much the same vein, musically, as Erotica, and much less sexual in nature.  The lead single was the smooth, rhythmic Secret, for which a beautifully shot black and white video was made.  The song hit number three on the charts, followed by the tender Take a Bow hitting #1.    

In March of 1995, Madge held a Pajama Party to introduce the video to the title track, Bedtime Stories, an expensive masterpiece unto itself.  The party was broadcast live on MTV from Webster Hall in NYC, with superstar DJ Junior Vasquez on hand.  During the show, Madonna told a bedtime story (Miss Spider's Tea Party), cajoled with the fans, and did an interview with then MTV correspondent Kurt Loder, which you can see here:


In late 1996, Madonna landed a role she'd been yearning to play, that of Argentine First Lady Evita Peron.  Though she never won accolades from her acting before, this performance was by far her best, earning her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.  The soundtrack was splendid and included an original song, You Must Love Me, which hit #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Here's a clip of one of my favorite tunes from Evita, the tender and sad Another Suitcase in Another Hall:

Ray of Light 

After an almost four-year absence between studio albums, Madonna came back with a vengeance in March of 1998 with her Ray of Light CD.  Once again, the singer reinvented herself into a new kind of electronica, employing the talents of well-known DJ/producer William Orbit.  

The first single was a dark masterpiece called Frozen, and its mystical video, in which Madonna portrays a witch-like creature, is equally wonderful.  In all, the album spawned five singles, three of which would hit the top twenty (Frozen (#2), Ray of Light (#5) and Power of Goodbye (#11)), and one (Nothing Really Matters) hit #1 on the Dance charts. along with the first two as well.

Here's my favorite track off of Ray of Light, one that inspires me and has been my driving theme to life and this blog.

Ray of Light - Madonna

Beautiful Stranger

The last thing Madonna would do in the 90's was a song for the soundtrack to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.  Beautiful Stranger is a fun song that remains as one of the singer's best.   Since I can't share the video on this blog, you can check it out on YouTube right here.

So there you have it, Madonna in the 90's.  If she came out on fire in the 80's, it was the 90's that cemented her status as a world-class superstar.  I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down Madonna memory lane.  Stay tuned for more 90's stuff....

Check out Part I of Madonna in the 90's

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Set You Free - N-Trance

When I hold you baby
Feel your heartbeat close to me
Wanna stay in your arms forever
Only love can set you free


Today's song is one many of you probably don't know, but it is one of my favorite dance songs of the 90's. N-Trance was a British dance group who made only a couple of albums around the  middle of the decade, one of which made any waves.  Their 1995 set Electronic Pleasure was great dance stuff all around, and this song, with its tender, slow beginning and fast-paced chorus, was its first single.  Other great songs on Electronic Pleasure include a great, great hipppy-hoppy update on the Bee Gees' Stayin Alive, the fast-paced Turn Up the Power, I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love...Again, and more.  It was truly a great record!


Set You Free - Electronic Pleasure 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Madonna in the 90's, Part I

Many musical acts from the 80's really came into their own in the 90's.  Artists like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and George Michael were artists who'd first made waves in the previous decade and crossed that line from star to superstar in the 1990's.  One artist for which this statement rings true more than most is Madonna.

Entering into the 1990's, Madonna was already on top of her game following the highly successful "Like a Prayer" album, but that would be the last of 80's Madonna, as the superstar once again reinvented both her music and her image into something that would lose her some fans, yet gain her even more, pushing the envelope once again amidst seas of controversy.

Strike a pose!

Blond Ambition

Blond Ambition was Madonna's third world tour, performed in support of the Like a Prayer CD.  It was this tour that would set a new standard for concert tours, as the entire show was done in a series of carefully choreographed vignettes that were highly entertaining and visually stunning.  A critically acclaimed documentary film, Truth or Dare, accompanied the tour and showcased what would be one of Madge's all-time best tours...named the greatest concert tour of the 90's by Rolling Stone Magazine.

One of the most inventive, and controversial, scenes in Blond Ambition was Madonna's performance of her standard, "Like a Virgin."  Lying on a bed surrounded by two male dancers with decidedly pointed breasts, the singer works her way through a slowed down, erotic version of the old pop tune, coming to a climax, literally, at the end.  In the film, this particular performance almost got her into a heap of trouble in the "fascist state of Toronto," hehe.  Check it out:


Dick Tracy and Vogue

Madonna began the 90's with a brand new film and her second compilation album.  She was cast as temptress Breathless Mahoney alongside then-boyfriend Warren Beatty in the film version of the cartoon detective Dick Tracy.  Though she didn't win many accolades for her performance in the film, the soundtrack, "I'm Breathless," included a song that would end up being one of the top songs of the decade.

Grouped together with all of the 'period,' campy songs on that album was the song "Vogue," an homage to a dance craze that had become popular in the gay dance clubs of New York.  "Vogue" quickly became one of Madge's all time greatest and most loved hits and she's still performing the song.

Vogue - Celebration


A few months after the release of Dick Tracy came what many regard as the singer's "sex" period.  Starting with the release of her "Immaculate Collection" album, Madonna entered a new realm of electronic, bassy music, with many of the songs featuring risque themes.  For the collection, the singer added two new songs, one of which became her most unlikeliest of number ones, soaring to the top through a cloud of controversy.  

Justify My Love is a bass-driven song full of sexual themes, and its video was considered too racy for MTV and thus banned.  Ever the entrepreneur, Ms. M had the video packaged as a DVD single just in time for Christmas and voila!  The video became the highest-selling such DVD in history and the song hit the top of the charts, but that was only the beginning...

In October of 1992, Madonna entered what would end up being one of the oddest periods in her career, a time when backlash against her would work to lose her a lot of respect and fans, although the music of Erotica was among her best to date.  Coupled with the new CD, whose title song featured explicit themes of homosexuality, bondage, water sports, you name it, came Sex, a coffee table book featuring explicit photos of the singer and others in all their glory.  Sex was by far the singer's most controversial project to date, and it unfortunately cast a shadow over a wonderful album.

The backlash, as one could imagine, was huge.  That was the point in time where fans of the singer in the 80's were lost for the most part, yet hardcore fans like me grew stronger in their appreciation for her artistic prowess.  In all, Erotica spawned six singles, three of which hit the top twenty (the title cut, #3, "Deeper and Deeper," #7, and "Rain," #14).  The album is chock full of great stuff, from beautiful, tender ballads to hard-driving, sexually charged club songs and intelligently-written mid-tempo stuff.  To me, it's still one of her all time best!  Check out the disco-infused "Deeper and Deeper":

Deeper and Deeper - Erotica

Well, there you have Ms. M at the start of the 1990's.  Though she definitely struck up probably the biggest of her controversies ever during this time, she was also at her artistic best.  Madonna wasn't finished after "Erotica," though.  There was much more to come in the decade. Stay tuned for the rest...

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Beautiful Life - Ace of Base

Anyone who was around in the mid-nineties is sure to remember this Swedish group who scored high on the charts here with such pop songs as "The Sign," "All That She Wants," and this one before fading into the proverbial sunset. Enjoy!

Beautiful Life - Ace of Base: Greatest Hits

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Lucky Rainbow

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw on my computer screen was the horrific shootings at the movie theater in Colorado last night.  Yet another senseless and tragic incident that doesn't help better my views of humanity at large.  Why do such things happen, especially to innocents?  Imagine going to the theater to catch the latest movie and never coming home...and even those poor people who witnessed it!  So sad!

That being said, this incident underscores why it's very important to keep things all in perspective.  As we see by last night's events and in our daily lives, life is precious and unpredictable.  No one knows how long they have for this world, and so we all have to learn to let go of the things that are not really important and focus on the things that are.  Appreciate all you've got in this world and savor it every chance you get.  I was reminded of this just the other day...

For most of the day on Wednesday, the skies were ominous, and they finally opened up with a wicked, but short thunderstorm sometime in the late afternoon.  I was a little disappointed because I usually take a walk in the early evening and it looked like it just wasn't going to happen.  Well, around 7:30 p.m., the sun began to peek its way through the clouds and I decided to give it a go.  I packed up my iPod, put on the headphones, and headed out the door.  I got no further than the corner just a few feet from my house when I first saw it.

Yeah, it was a rainbow, but not just any rainbow.  Though the picture above doesn't do it real justice, it was spectacular!  The colors were vividly bright and the whole thing was within view from end to end, something I don't think I've ever seen before.

As I walked I kept my gaze at this rare beauty, and this magnificent thing worked its magic on those around me.  For this first time in forever, I met a lot of people, neighbors really, during my walk as they had all come outside to witness this unique and wonderful event, cameras and pictures in hand.

"Amazing, isn't it?" I said to one woman as she snapped away with her camera pointed towards the sky.

She responded enthusiastically.  "Yeah, and there's two of them!"

I looked up into the sky again and sure enough, there was the rainbow I'd been looking at all along, and there, just a small distance above it, was another rainbow, not as brilliant, but there nonetheless.  "Incredible," I said to the woman, and kept on walking with my eyes towards the sky.  I came across many people during my walk and exchanged pleasantries with most of them.  It's funny how these types of things bring out the best in people, isn't it?

Any-who, I came to Montauk Highway with the rainbow still as brilliant as it had been for the past twenty minutes and went into my neighborhood Dunkin Donut's. I go in there often enough that I know the guys who work there.

"Hey, did you guys see that rainbow?" I asked.

"Hell yeah," said the cute younger dude behind the counter.  

"I think it's gonna be good luck for everyone who sees it," I answered.

"Zombie apocalypse," was his answer.  "I dunno, did ya hear bout the zombie attacks in Florida?  Happened right here in Patchogue this morning.  Some dude attacked his grandmother with a knife this morning.  I tell ya, it's a sign alright. Zombies."

I didn't know how to answer that one.  Like I said, the guy was young and....well you know.  He handed me my coffee and I put the change in his tip cup, thinking to myself that I was right in what I had said.  He saw the rainbow and he got a tip.  Lucky, right?

On my way back to my house, the rainbow was to my right and a little behind me, and I had to keep glancing back towards it every once in awhile to savor the moment.  I got to thinking about what I'd said.  Was seeing this beauty really going to give me luck?  Money?  A new boyfriend?  A new job? But as I continued on, meeting and chatting with more people along the way, I thought to myself, "I'm already lucky."

Yes, I am one lucky guy.  We're all pretty lucky if we think about it.  Sure, everybody's got problems and issues in their lives, but we all have good things in our lives, too.  Like I've always said, we just need to be reminded of this once in awhile and all will be good.  I've got good friends, a wonderful job, and the freedom to enjoy my life in the best way I can.  What's not to be happy about?    

So whenever you're feeling life's frustrating, disappointing and sometimes mundane nature, just think about all of the good things you have to be thankful for.  Savor the good moments while they last and don't dwell on the negative.  Seeing that double-rainbow was a rare thing I'll probably never see again, but at least I got to see it, and it taught me once again to appreciate just how lucky I am.

Love and Pride

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Insomnia - Faithless

Thus was one hot dance song back in the day...great track, great vocals, and great lyrics. Do you remember it? This was when dance/club music was at its best! Happy Friday!

I can't get no sleep...

Insomnia (Monster Mix) - Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits