Saturday, March 19, 2011

Song of the Day - It came from the 90's - N-Trance's "Set You Free" and "Stayin Alive"

I'm putting up two songs for taday's entry. They're both by a 90's British electronic group called N-Trance. Though the never went big time mainstream, their 1995 album "Electronic Pleasure" did score a couple of dance/club hits and the CD was so good it became very worn out on my CD player.

Two of my favorite songs on this CD are presented here. First up is a song called "Set You Free." It features the vocals of singer Kelly Llorenna and it's very melodic and very sweet. My ex loved this song as much as I and neither one of us would ever change the station if it ever came on. Take a listen to "Set You Free." You just might like it!

"When I hold you baby...
Feel your heartbeat close to me.
Wanna stay in your arms forever.
Only love can set you free."

N-Trance by PinGUY

You may not know this second song, but it'll definitely feel familiar to you. It was a favorite of mine when I was a deejay and it never failed to get people up and dancing. It shares the same name of the song it heavily samples musically, but the lyrics and the singing are much different. In fact, I used to play them in tandemm with one another back in the day and even though the people didn't know the song, they followed along with the rappers pleas:

"Everybody in the house, c'mon, let me hear ya say "Oh-oh."


Check out and enjoy N-Trance's "Stayin Alive":

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