Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011 - My Stalker; New Position at Y!CN?; Power of Music

Happy Thursday! Thankfully, Friday’s up next AND it’s a payday so I will definitely be doing the happy dance at this time tomorrow. Today was a short day for me, and luckily my periodontal cleaning wasn’t too bad, so I’m not the painful mess I expected to be. Here’s what’s happening in my so called life:

The stalker is back!

A couple of hours ago I had a very scary experience. A guy that I had met in November of 2009, Fuzzy Drew, had become a little stalkerish. I’d met him online in a chat room and we agreed to meet up one day. When I found out he had a long term boyfriend, I wanted nothing to do with him and I told him so. He didn’t seem to care, for he began making surprise visits to my house every now and again, scaring the living bejeezus out of me a couple of times. I finally told him that I had a boyfriend and thankfully he left me alone, that is, until now.

About a month ago, I was shoveling my driveway on a snow day and a car suddenly pulled up. I had thrown some old trash out by the garbage in front and I just assumed it was someone who wanted to pick through my junk. When he slowed down in front of my driveway, I was horrified to see that it was him, my stalker! We exchanged a couple of “how ya doing’s?” and I quickly turned and went inside as he pulled away. Uh oh!

I had forgotten about him until around 4 o’clock today. I was in my office, working on a piece, when my cell phone rang. I got up to see who was calling and to my horror his name was on the screen! Of course I wasn’t going to pick it up, but then as I returned to my office I saw out the window that his car was out in front of my house and he was calling me from my front stoop. Thankfully I keep my front door locked, otherwise who knows what might have happened? I laid low for a few minutes and watched out the window until he finally left! Phew! Now I’m officially scared…

Yahoo! Contributor Network’s New Featured Contributor Program

I’ve been a Featured Music Contributor on Y!CN for over a year now. The title has given me 3 paid assignments per month and a chance to be featured for all of my music articles. The job has definitely geared my writing more towards music and I enjoy doing those pieces. With the new year, Y!CN is making big changes and one of them is to this program. They announced recently that they would be doing away with the old program and instituting a newer, better one. March will be the last month for the old program and everyone has to reapply for the new positions.

Today, the application process began and the moment I saw it I applied for the new position. The application process was tough and I had to come up with three unique music article ideas. I hope I didn’t rush it too much because it took me awhile to come up with them and I’m not totally happy with what I came up with. We’ll have to see. I soooo want this position. It promises higher paying articles, higher profile features, and a chance to write for many of Yahoo’s other websites. Fingers crossed!

The Power of Music!

After coming home from the dentist this afternoon, I jumped straight into bed. Max was over last night and I didn’t get to sleep until way after midnight...and I wake up at 5AM for work. While I was sleeping I had had a dream and he was in it. I can’t remember the dream specifically, except his presence in it, and of course I found myself with him on the mind once again after I woke up. I went to my pc and YouTube in search of a song for today and I found myself going to my list of, you guessed it, sad songs. Check out today’s choice below.

Ugh! I so hate this! As I said before, I’m really getting tired of these nagging feelings and I want them to just go away. There’s so much about this relationship that was full of high highs and low lows, and I guess somewhere deep down inside I’m having a hard time still accepting the fact that he’s totally gone from my life.

I keep dreaming that I’m in some sort of romantic comedy, you know the ones, where it starts off with a whirlwind romance, then something goes wrong and there are sad scenes where the characters are trying to adjust to life without each other, and finally they come to their happy ending. Again, ugh! I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever have a happy ending with anyone.

Once I realized again that I was getting into a temporary funk, I realized that I needed to do something. I changed what I was listening to. I reached back into the 90’s, a period of nice club music and good memories. I played lots of favorites like Jocelyn Enriquez’ “Do You Miss Me” and “A Little Bit of Ecstasy”, Madison Avenue’s “Don’t Call Me Baby”, Armand Van Helden, La Bouche, and two of my favorites: Pete Heller’s “Big Love” and Inner City’s “Good Life.”

These songs bring back a lot of great memories and they’ve definitely put me back into a happy place, thankfully. Ah, the power of music! Here are the two videos:

Pete Heller's "Big Love"

Inner City - "Good Life"

"Let me take you to a place you know you wanna go, it's a good life..."

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to get my workout, for the body and the mind, and then do some more writing. I wish I was off tomorrow, because I love Thursday nights at Splash. The music is so much better than it is on the weekends and I’m certainly in the mood to dance. Ah, well, there’s always the weekend!
As always, thanks for reading…and wish me luck with the new job!

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