Thursday, March 17, 2011

Song of the Day - Valerie by Amy Winehouse

I miss Amy Winehouse! That is, it's been way too long since she's given us anything new. Her last album, "Back to Black" was absolutely awesome and many of those songs made it to my "most played" list on my iPod. About a year ago, I decided to check out the iTunes store to see if there were any old Amy songs that I hadn't had and I came across two sets of music: "Back to Black: The B-Sides" and "Frank."

It was as if she'd made a whole new album as there were plenty of new songs for me to learn between the two of them. There were two songs in particular that I came to absolutely love, a jazzy, sexy song called "Amy, Amy, Amy" and this one.

"Valerie" is such a great song! I don't think it was ever a big hit anywhere, but in my travels I've discovered that many people know it. I have no idea what exactly the song is about, but it's just so melodic and singable! Here's a video of fake Amys lip synching it live in a club. It's not as well rounded as the original recording, but it's pretty good. Check it out:

...and here's the original version from YouTube:

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