Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011 - Da Bunk Fridays; I feel like a celebrity; Ke$ha n Craig

"Deejay turn it up, up, up, up..."

It’s a beautiful, albeit chilly Saturday and I’m here at my pc working, as usual. I just completed an arduous assignment for Textbroker about grants and scholarships in New York State…yawn! Of course it’s taken me longer than I expected it to and now I must decide whether to get going with the things I have to do or continue writing. That was the second of three big pieces I had to do and the next one is the really big one! Oh well, one more cup of java and then…

Da Bunk Fridays

Last night I went to the Bunkhouse for the first time since September. The Bunkhouse is the one of the oldest gay bars on Long Island and it’s gone through several incarnations and owners over the years. These days it’s pretty much the only place to go dancing in Suffolk County, but I stopped going there back then because Saturday was my night and it was rarely ever had a real crowd. You can see a couple of unflattering mentions of the Bunkhouse on my LI Gay Issues Examiner page right here and here.

Lately, through friends at Facebook and word of mouth, I’ve seen that Fridays at the Bunkhouse, called “Da Bunk Fridays”, were pretty good. Though the majority of the crowd is young, it is crowded every week and the deejay plays a decent set. As it was Friday and I didn’t feel like going into the city, I decided to give it a try and I have to say it was pretty good.

It was strange walking into the place. It had been my so called ‘stomping ground” in the first three years after Joe and I broke up and I suddenly felt like a stranger in a place that I had spent so much time in once. It was amazing to see all of the faces of people I had forgotten about, including this one dude who tried really hard last summer to take me out. He looked a lot like Kevin James from that sitcom “King of Queens” and I just wasn’t interested. He passed by me a few times, but I was able to avoid him thank goodness.

All in all, I had fun at the good ole Bunk. Who knows, I may just have to make it a regular Friday night stop again!

Da Bunk Fridays...can you spot me in the pic?

Feelin’ like a celebrity

As I was leaving the Bunkhouse last night, a gentleman who had curiously thanked me for stopping by earlier called out my name. Though he looked familiar, I had no idea who he was and I wondered how he knew my name. He ran over to me as I was about to cross the street to get to my car and told me that he knew me from my writing links on Facebook. He gave me props for my postings.

His name was Eddie, I believe (forgive me if you’re reading this and I’m wrong…it was late and I was tired!), and he said that he ran the “Gation Saturdays” profile on Facebook. That’s why he looked familiar to me. “Gation” is the Saturday night version of “Da Bunk Fridays” held at Industry nightclub (otherwise known as Luxe) in Levittown. The same group promotes both evenings with apparently great success. I was truly amazed that anyone would recognize me in public for my writing…it was the first time ever and it made me feel really good! Thanks buddy!

Ke$ha n Craig

Lately I’ve been posting videos to my daily posts and today is no exception. Sometimes just one song for a day is not enough for the music lover in me, and today a FB friend of mine who calls himself Craig Vanity inspired this one. I don’t really know Craig personally, but we’ve been connected on FB for awhile now and I enjoy a lot of his posts.

Craig is an aspiring disc jockey and he maintains a site called The site is full of mash ups and remixes of songs this talented young man has put together. Some of my favorites include his mix-ups of Adele’s “I’ll Be Waiting” and A-ha’s “Take on Me” and Britney Spears’ “Up and Down” mixed with Inner City’s classic “Good Life.” Check it out!

I’ve been thinking of doing a piece on Craig as I think he’s super talented and I have a soft spot for deejays anyway, since I was one once upon a time. I can see he works hard at being successful and I can't help but think that I once might've pursued the same dream. I have yet to contact him about it as I need to plan it a little first. Could be an interview or jus a straight up profile, I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, the video I’m posting is “We R Who We R” and I say that Craig inspired it because he posted a line from the song earlier this morning that I’ve always found to be idiotic but appealing at the same time. The line goes, “got Jesus on my necklace, ez, ezzz” and ever since I saw his posting, I just can’t get it out of my head. So without further adieu, here’s Ke$ha:

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