Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song of the Day - A Salt with a Deadly Pepa - Expression

"You know life, is all about expression.
You only live once and you're not coming back,
so express yourself, yeah!"

Salt N Pepa, along with their deejay Spindarella, were "da bomb" back in the day. Ever since their first underground hit, "Push It", way back in 1987, I became a bona fide fan, following them through hit after hit and loving it all the way. Though their career was way too short for my taste, they really rocked it when they were around, with funky, hard-driving beats, unique harmonies and in your face lyrics.

The trio had several hits during their time at the top, including such classics as "Do You Want Me", "Let's Talk About Sex", and "Shoop." The girls even teamed up with the Funky Diva's for their smash hit, "Whatta Man," in 1994. Unfortunately, the girls experienced personal issues in the 90's and their star kind of fizzled after their last big album, "Very Necessary" in 1993. Though another trio of female rappers soon came along to reach even higher heights(I'm talking about TLC!), Salt-n-Pepa remain as pioneers of their trade and have left us with a nice collection of highly enjoyable tunes to enjoy for along, long time to come.

"Expression", today's "Song of the Day," is one of my favorite Salt-n-Pepa tunes. With the funkiest of beats and the most noble of messages, this one still gets regular plays on my iPod and always induces me to shake my thing!

Salt N Pepa - Expression by jpdc11

*Note - Today's selection was inspired by a friend and fellow writer of mine, Ana Maria Alvarez who, through her FB page shouted out that she has been listening to old 90's stuff today including Salt-n-Pepa. When I saw her post, it was over to the hio hop list on my iPod and I'm still grooving to them right now! Thanks Ana!

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