Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pride Parade NYC...In Pictures

Once the graduation ceremony had finished and the photo ops taken, I rushed off to meet my pals Manny and Ozzie for a weekend trip to the city and the Gay Pride Parade.  Now I'd been to the parade several times in my life, and the last time I went I swore I'd never go again.  But it was Ozzie and Manny and they'd never asked me before...besides, it was an opportunity to stay overnight in the city, which is always fun.

The weather over the weekend was decidedly gray...and rainy.  The ride into the city invariably was a long one, but we finally made it in and settled into our new surroundings on 23rd St.  Food was first on the agenda, and since Dallas BBQ was right down the block, that was the destination...


Now for those of you who never heard of Dallas BBQ, well, it's an awesome place!  Not only is the food deliciously barbecue, the prices affordable and the atmosphere positively festive, they have these drinks...oh those drinks!  They come in all sorts of different flavors, all delish, and a lil bubbly and a shot come with the giant concoctions.  

As it would turn out, the best part of our evening would be spent at Dallas.  Dinner was great, especially the vegetables tempura, the drinks were, well, intoxicating, and our waiter was a blast.  His name was Ozzie, oddly enough, and he was a big dude with an even bigger personality.  Before the night was over, we were all snapping pictures and exchanging numbers. 

Next up was G Lounge, a small trendy bar just four blocks away on 19th St.  The place wasn't too crowded at first, but soon enough, the place became quite full, with apparent regulars and visitors alike filling up all the space in this small lounge.  We spent the next few hours there, and it was fun, but it had been a long day and this tired teacher needed sleep.  So we left around 2 a.m. and headed back to the hotel and to sleep.  Sunday was going to be a long day...

Me at G Lounge

Sunday's weather began much like Saturday's.  The skies were overcast and rain drizzled down from up above.  We headed over to a diner on 23rd for breakfast and then took our spots on 5th Avenue to watch the parade, which had already begun.  Now I had expected massive crowds, like the ones during the parade of 2011, when New York State passed the Marriage Equality Act, but probably because of the weather it wasn't too bad.

Even though I don't really love parades, I have to admit it is fun and a little bit exciting to see just how many of us P.L.U.'s (People Like Us) there are.  Politicians, television stars, police officers, firemen and many big corporations all come out and show their support, too.  Rather than tell you all about it, I'm going to just show you some of what went on from my vantage point...

Senator Chuck Schumer

Are we having fun yet?

Let's do the time warp!

As you can see, there was plenty of reveling to be had at this year's parade, even though it wasn't the huge turnout I had expected.  Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to be attending again...you've seen one parade...

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