Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hold On...It's Coming!

Hello to my fellow peeps who've been suffering through this long, cold winter like I have.I just wanted to let you's almost over!  The end of February is near and I am starting to see signs.. Oh, they're small, but they're definitely there. Yes, in the past two weeks it's been brutal, with temps often in the single digits and wind chills below zero.  The cold has put almost everyone in the doldrums and I think we've all got to start thinking...spring!  I know I am.

Even though the past two days have been some of the worst so far, the massive ice that's covered all the previous snows and our streets and our driveways is starting to melt away.  Oh, it's going slow, but I can just feel things inching steadily towards the next season and a brighter mood.  The really cold snappers are becoming a shorter duration.  Yesterday was extremely cold early, but  by 11, the temperature was already in the 20's, and if you've been feeling the singles, the 20's definitely don't feel so bad.

The sun is going down later and later, and so the longer daylight brings more time for the ice and eventually the snow to melt away and that'll even get better shortly as we're gonna 'spring ahead' in just a couple of weeks.

So hold tight friends.  It's right around the corner, and very soon you'll start seeing those daffodils and crocuses and find yourself in a better mood.  The Spring Awakening is coming!   

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