Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Post #5 - Better Luck Next Year!

I've been doing these posts for so long, I almost feel it's become obligatory, so for what it's worth...

Another Valentine's Day come and gone
Now comes another 364-day reprieve
Before the odious reminder comes once again
That being single marks us
Unwanted, unloved, unworthy

I don't by that
True love is but a thing of chance
And those of us lucky enough to find it
Are just that...lucky

What most people find is companionship
Another half to share life's ups, downs, 
and everything in between
Are they lucky?  Who knows?

Those of us without
Long for true love
We hope and we dream
Waiting for that arrow to shoot us 
Straight through the heart 

Everyone wants to be lucky in love
The most wonderful feeling in the world
I thought I had it once
In the end, I learned it was never really there
And seven years on I wait
And hope and dream

Please don't misunderstand me
Don't get me wrong
How can anyone hate a day that celebrates love?
Cupid certainly has a spirit
And it touched me today
Even though my spirit lies dormant

Valentine's is a night 
For lovers 
Romance, a rose, a date night, sweet, sweet music
For the lucky ones, I am happy
For the rest of us I say
Keep hoping, keep dreaming
Maybe there's better luck next year

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