Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting There

Today is a good far.  If things stay the way they do, I will finally get to the Grove this afternoon with a bunch of my friends.  Fingers crossed!  Over the past several weeks and with more and more frequency, a lot of people have been contacting me to check on how I am doing.  I really am a lucky guy to have so many people in my corner, and I am truly appreciative of your concern.

The purpose of this post, especially for those of you who are not intimately connected to me, but do like to keep apprised on my situation, is to give you an update on my progress.  From what I've learned over the past four weeks now, sciatica is a very painful (Amen!) condition that can take a long time to heal, but it will heal.  I can see that now...

The above graph is a weekly summary from an app on my phone called Pacer.  Basically it's a pedometer that keeps track of your daily steps. As you can see, the number of steps I've taken this week has varied, telling the tale of my state of progress these days.  Even the highest day, Thursday, was at a little over 5,000 steps and is much lower than my normal 10,000, but still it is encouraging.  

The pain I'm experiencing now is still pretty much keeping me stationary, especially after a day when I've done a lot of walking.  Those have been work days for me, Tuesday and Thursday.  Yesterday was an especially bad day, as I was pretty much rendered immobile and in pain virtually all day long. Today, however, the pain has definitely subsided.

So I guess that I am healing, slowly but surely.  As encouraged as I feel on the good days, I'm feeling just as discouraged on the bad ones, but I just have to remember that eventually I'll be back to least I hope so.  Fingers crossed!


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