Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nice New Dimensions to Katy Perry on Dark Horse and Walking on Air

It looks like Katy Perry is going to be making another big splash on the pop music world very soon.  After reentering the music-sphere a few weeks ago with the hit single Roar, it looked like Katy was going to be bringing back her familiar mid tempo style pop anthem, which she does so well, on her newest Prism album. With the advanced release of a couple of the album's tracks in recent weeks, however, I believe we're in for a whole new dimension to Katy Perry.

A couple of weeks ago, she released a second song, Dark Horse, which reminds me a lot of E.T., only edgier.  On this one Perry works with Memphis rapper Juicy J, and the bass heavy track works its infectious feel into your very core from beginning to end.  I loved this one the very first time I heard it and you will too when you check it out on YouTube.

The latest tune to be released in advance of Prism is Walking On Air, and it's a whole new Katy that I am loving!.  The track is pure techno-pop, and at first listen I didn't even recognize her altered voice.  But for someone who's not really known for her dance music prowess, this one might just work well in the clubs without the help of a remix.  I love it.  Like all of Perry's tunes, it's catchy, and the dance element gives her a whole new wonderful dimension.  Methinks this one just might be a hit! Check it out right here.

Prism drops October 22nd.

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