Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weezie's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Yeah, you got it so right.  That was a great party!

That was my pal Gary's boyfriend Christopher commenting on last night's New Year's Eve party at my house.  I dubbed the thing, Weezie's New Year's Rockin' Eve, and if I say so myself, it WAS a great party!  

I'd first decided to have the party about a month ago.  Last year I'd thrown a five-birthday party for myself and four other friends who all had birthdays in late November and I had been wanting to do the same thing this year because it was a special birthday, but then again I didn't.  So since I was in Chile last year and New Year's has always been a bust for me, I figured, why not?

Nearly all I had invited to the party came, which was good, and everybody came in a partying mood, too. I bought all kinds of New Year's Eve party favors, which I knew everybody would totally get into, and I was right, although it took them till around 11:30ish to do so.  

Part of what made the night so enjoyable was this champagne punch I'd made for the event, which we dubbed "Love Juice."  You can check out the recipe for it on my food and recipe blog.  I actually had to make three huge batches of the stuff!

I spent two whole days preparing, and now I'll probably spend the next three cleaning it all up.  As for the Italian in me, I made way too much food, but at least now I won't have to cook for awhile, lol. I'm going to be posting some more recipes for some of the things I cooked, like a meatball trio (big hit!), spicy baked chicken wings, quesadillas and more, on my recipe blog very soon.  Many of the guests provided the desserts, which were equally scrumptious (especially my pal Frank's mouthwatering raspberry cheesecake.  

As for the rest of the party, I'll let you check out the photos below and you can see a fun time was had by all. In the meantime, I'll say once again that I would never have imagined that joining a bowling league would have allowed me to meet so many fun and genuinely great people, and I'm lucky to have them all in my life.  As a testament to their awesomeness, here's a little thing that happened just after midnight...

Our friend Kyle works as a waiter at a local restaurant.  Kyle is the 'baby' of the group, a youngin' of 25 years who we all kind of look out for.  Anyway, poor Kyle had to work last night and he tried his best to get here as early as possible, but that didn't actually happen until around ten minutes after midnight when he came into the house, bag of clothes in hand, yelled "Happy New Year," and bolted up the stairs to get changed out of his work clothes.  

As he changed upstairs, someone came to me in the kitchen and asked me if my DVR could rewind live TV, which it can.  I ran into the living room to rewind the CNN New Year;s show, which we were watching at the turn of the new year.  Everyone at the party returned to the living room so that we could all relive the countdown and celebrate the coming of 2015 with our lil friend.  

I told ya....awesome!  Love these guys!  Now you can check out the photos...


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