Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Shot of Instant Karma!

I've been wanting to share this story for a couple of days now.  I just love it when I get to see karma in action and it's especially good when I have something to do with it.  On Friday night I went to the Smithaven Mall for a shopping trip with my buddy Sean.  After closing out the mall, we decided to hit the Cheesecake Factory for a little post-shopping dinner.  Since we had parked all the way on the other side of the mall from the restaurant, we decided to drive our cars around and meet at "Cheeseykooch."

As I parked my car and was getting out, I heard a crash.  I turned around and saw a rather large Grand Marquis up against an even larger Ford Expedition (or something of the sort).  The first car was trying to squeeze into a space at a bad angle.  Before I could even react, the car backed up and raced right past me, trying to hightail it outta there.  I got a pretty good view of the driver, a young woman in her 20's, with her hair up in kind of a bun.

I grabbed my phone and tried turning the camera on so I could get a shot of the license plate, but to no avail.  As I chased her down the aisle, some guy, who was with his girl, yelled out to me.  "Don't worry, I got it."  Apparently, he had seen the whole incident, too, and was just as determined as I to get the girl.  As they and I started discussing the incident, we watched as the girl raced just two aisles over and parked the Grand Marquis.  Was she going to come back and leave a note?

In the meantime, another woman and her daughter had also witnessed the accident and joined in on our chatter.  I took a photo of the license plate to the car that had been hit and excused myself to go join my friend Sean in the restaurant and maybe have the owner paged to let them know that their car had been hit.

As I walked up toward the door to Cheesecake, there was a girl entering who looked just like the one I had seen in the Grand Marquis.  She even held the door open for me.  I let her ahead of me through the inner door, motioned to my friend and followed her to the hostess station.  I waited for her to leave her name and then walked up and leaned in to whisper.

"That girl over there."  I pointed to the chick.  "I think she just hit a car in the parking lot and took off."  I then gave the woman the license plate number and asked if she could page the person who just had to be in the restaurant since the mall was closed.  She was going to ask her manager as Sean and I were seated at our table, and I felt I had done my part.  The cowardly culprit was going to get nailed.  Karma in action!

Sure enough, about an hour and a half later, Sean and I had finished our dinner and were walking back to our cars when I noticed some feet behind the Expedition, which was still parked in the same spot, only the lot was mostly empty by then.  The couple who owned the car were standing there talking with the couple I had met earlier.  Mall security was filing a report and they were all waiting for the cops to show up.

As it turned out, the girl was driving her dad's car and even though there was black paint on her front fender, she had vehemently denied hitting the Expedition.  I'm not sure exactly how they got her, but I know I contributed to that. The chick tried running away, but the woman who owned the Ford told her that it would be worse for her if she ran away and she decided to stay.  She had been sitting in the car with her dad in the same spot she had parked in.  I gave the woman my phone number in case they needed it and Sean and I both went home.

I totally believe in karma, and though it may not always work right away, it does eventually get you in the end.  And so please, if you're reading this, don't do anything underhanded, and if you do, please own up to it.  I'm sure there are many others like this girl who have done the same thing and gotten away with it...for now.  But believe me, someday, somehow, they will all get it.  I was just happy I got to see instant karma!

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