Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pitbull's "Global Warming" Track Reviews: "Have Some Fun," featuring The Wanted & Afrojack

The lyric sample in this track, the 8th off of Pitbull's Global Warming, is immediately recognizable, albeit quite different from Sheryl Crow's original version, and it's the boys from The Wanted providing the vocals on that chorus.  This collaboration between Pit and the boys from the U.K. was surprising, and I hadn't realized until after a couple of listens that it was in fact them singing on the club-infused track.  But once I knew, well, the voices are pretty unmistakable actually.

This one's got all sorts of highs and lows.  The music behind the chorus is reminiscent of the boys' recent I Found You, and Afrojack's fast and furious beats provide good dance-able moments.  And of course, there's Pit's raps, irresistible and catchy in their own right:

You know the type of women that I like, 
the ones that understand my life, 
the ones that understand wrong is right.
So let's do something wrong tonight. 

You name it, I'll do it. 
Always the fluid, in Spanish I'm fluent.
That means my tongue is bilingual, 

ready to play with that spot where you tingle.
Gotta bingo, she's a star, ringo. 

Her and two friends? Hmm, I like that lingo.
She asked if I'm single, I said "of course not" and she loved it.
Next thing you know we're both having fun in public! Dale!

Have Some Fun is yet another one of those moments on Global Warming that's good enough to have made me want to review this album in the first place.  Check it out on YouTube.  Also be sure to check out the rest of my reviews so far on Global Warming:


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