Tuesday, June 18, 2013

will.i.am's '#willpower' Track Reviews: 'The World Is Crazy'

Ok, now we're finally starting to wind down on this latest of will.i.am's 4th solo studio album, and I've got to admit that I am liking it more and more with time.  Sure, there are plenty of not so great tracks, but there are also several nice ones, too!  This track, #11 on the album, features Black Eyed Peas' founding member Dante Santiago,, and I like this song more for the lyrics than anything else, though the ooh, ooh, ooh's are nice.

I say I like the lyrics because I totally agree with them...

I think everybody in the world has lost their mind
I believe they lost something they cannot find
'Cause everybody is going crazy
And everybody is out their goddamn mind

Hell yeah!

Take a listen to The World Is Crazy:

will.i.am - The World Is Crazy (Audio) (Explicit) by WoudaRecords

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