Friday, May 17, 2013's "#willpower" Track Reviews: "Scream and Shout," with Britney Spears

The fourth track on #willpower was also its second single and biggest hit to date.  I first mentioned the song way back in November when it was first released and my initial review wasn't too positive:

The song is really nothing new, with sounds of past tracks and Britney's way over-altered voice set to a frenzied dance track.  There are only a couple of short snippets of the song where it actually sounds like her singing, the altering is so big. Otherwise, you might swear it was someone else.  I'm sure this one will receive airplay in clubs, but not in many other places, which is too bad, but judging from its performance on iTunes (it currently sits at #1 on the most downloaded chart), I may be wrong!  

I was wrong...about its reception, anyway.  The song climbed all the way to the #3 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 and #1 on the magazine's dance chart, plus the #1 spot in a bunch of places around the world.  I'll admit, the tune grew on me, and a lot of other people from what I've seen.  Still packs the dance floor when it's played and I dunno...that Britney part, though still strange and definitely altered, is irresistible!  Check it out...


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