Saturday, May 11, 2013

Check out this Wicked Roller Coaster...

I just came across this video of one scary looking roller coaster.  The ride is called Sequoia Adventure and it is located at an Italian amusement park called Gardaland.  The park, located at Lake Garda in Northern Italy,  did come under my radar when I went to Italy some years ago, and I wish I had gone even though this one wasn't constructed until 2005.

Apparently the guys that shot the video are in the U.S. military and they seemed to enjoy the unique upside-down thrills so much that they made several runs on it.   The way the train pauses at the moment before it goes under towards the upside down part of the ride must be terrifying.  The video has both point of view and faraway shots so you can see every angle of this monster.

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