Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Music News Bytes: Another New Album for Justin?; Lauryn Hill's Got a New Song

Music News Bytes is a collection of short news items that I follow on the Web.  If you're into the same type of music I am, that is pop, dance, R&B, and such, check it out...

Another New Album for Justin?

The email came in around 4:30 yesterday from Justin Timberlake's website.  The subject line of the email read, "World Tour, New Album, and The Tennessee Kids."  When I first saw it, I thought, 'no big deal.'  I already knew he was going on tour, and well, I've already got the album, The 20/20 Experience, so what could be new?  The Tennessee Kids are mentioned in the intro to That Girl, so maybe that was it.

Well, as it turns out, yes, The Tennessee Kids are J.T.'s newest online fan-kinda club, which you can join right here for pre-sale tickets and other such stuff.  But that's not the real news...are you ready for this?  On September 30th, Justin Timberlake will be releasing another brand new album.  Word is the record will be called The 20/20 Experience II, but that isn't mentioned on J.T.'s website.

I've got to admit, the first thing I thought when I heard this news was that maybe this will be the new album I'd been waiting for for so long, something of a continuum of FutureSexLoveSound.  I haven't tried to hide the fact that I've been a little disappointed with the change in Justin's musical direction on the new record, even though it's grown on me since its release.  Perhaps my thoughts will be verified in September, which would be exciting.  Stay tuned...

Lauryn Hill Releases New Song, 'Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)': Listen
Lauryn Hill's Newest Song

I told you in the last Music News Bytes that Lauryn Hill has been working on new material, the first new stuff from the former Fugees member and solo phenom.  Well, the singer has put out a single, admittedly to satisfy a legal deadline (the singer reportedly owes big money in back taxes).  The new song is called Neurotic Society (Cumpulsory Mix), and at first listen, it sounds a little neurotic to me, with quick-paced vocals and a mish-mosh musical track that matches the title.  It might take a few more listens for me to buy this one.  Check it out right here.

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