Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Fashion - David Bowie

Earlier this week I was perusing the store at iTunes and I came across an 80's album sale, all for $7.99.  I ventured over to that page to see if there were any old gems I had forgotten about and I came across the Best of Bowie.  The only David Bowie tune I had ever bought was Modern Love in 1983, and I would never would have thought of picking this one up until I looked at the track list, full of great songs I had totally forgotten about from my younger days.

There was the funkified Fame, the new wave hits Let's Dance and China Girl, Dancing in the Street, with Mick Jagger, Under Pressure with Queen, and this one, the oh so cool Fashion. I remember, and I'm still not totally sure about it, thinking that cute blond MTV VJ Alan Hunter was among the fashionistas featured in the video.  Anyway, the song is so 80's and soooo good.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

David Bowie - Fashion by DavidBowie-Official

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