Saturday, May 4, 2013

Song of the Day - Fantasy Island - M People

I think that this just might be a first for John's World.  Back in the 1990's I was a huge M People fan, but this marvelously talented group from the U.K. never really caught on big time here in the States, so their music was hard to come by.  I first came upon them by accident, buying a single of theirs, Open Your Heart, thinking it was something else.  I didn't realize this until I played it, though, and I was hooked on first listen.

The sound of M People is unique and sophisticated.  With lead singer Heather Small's deep, raspy voice, always inspirational lyrics, and a multitude of real instruments playing in the background, their music was simply intoxicating, as you can hear in this tune.

Fantasy Island is all about peace and love in a Utopian place where "I look at a Muslim embracing a Jew.
Everyone's eating everyone's food.  Free from diseases, ain't no Third World.  Love is the message, love is the word."  The song is one of my favorite M People tunes, and I hope you'll like it.  


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