Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear Facebook, I'd Like to Report a Problem

Dear Facebook,

You're killing me!  I'm at a point where I am totally exasperated and dealing with you has been as frustrating as dealing with any other giant corporation in this country.  Communication, when it's for my own benefit, is nil, but when you want or need something I'm all ears.  I don't think that's fair!

You see Facebook, I run a blog...this one right here.  I know it's not much, but it does get some attention and I'm pretty proud to have created it.  One of the ways I get my blog posts out into the world is to share them on my Facebook timeline...I have a lot of friends there, but lately you've been not so nice about that.  I reported a problem with the photo selection that you choose to place with my posts, which almost always have absolutely nothing to do with the content of my post, and yet you have not responded to any of my 4-5 "report a problems," nor have you fixed anything.  Just take a look at what came up with this morning's blog post on your site:

Take a look at the title of the blog post.  It says, "John's World New Wave Month Song of the Day #1 - Private Idaho - The B-52s."  The B-52's!  Justin Bieber!  Really?  Ridiculous, no?  And here's a little irony for you...

Two days ago I received an email from Networked Blogs, which is an app on Facebook to which I added my blog a couple of years ago.  The email was titled, "Your blog widget is being updated."  Here's the content of the email, with the words relating to the irony boldened:

 Hi John

Your NetworkedBlogs widget just got a free new feature. We're glad you're using our widgets to grow your followers, and starting today the widgets will help you get more people to share your posts as well.  

When someone views your blog post, what do they notice first? Naturally, the big beautiful picture that you have in the first half of it. You have nice pictures in your posts, don't you? Pictures attract the eye, and often get noticed even before the title. On Facebook, for example, pictures get twice as many comments as links.

Starting today, the NetworkedBlogs widget enables your readers to share images from your blog to their social networks, with a link back to your post. It's a great way to get referrals and additional traffic. This Crosspost feature is now embedded in NetworkedBlogs widgets thanks to our sister product, Symphony. It's totally free, and you're gonna love it!

I know that Networked Blogs is not Facebook, but it is often run in conjunction with the giant social network, and they're saying what I believe and live by with John's World.  One of the reasons I like writing a blog is that I can post pictures to go with the post, and yes, pictures do attract readers.  So why would anyone interested in The B-52's want to click on something with Justin Bieber on the cover?  Huh?  I hate to even think this, but I may just have to leave Facebook once and for all if this doesn't change.  I'm sorry, I really am! 

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