Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gaga's 'G.U.Y.' Video: Why So Long?

Lady Gaga's latest video, for the song G.U.Y., came out this week amid torrents of buzz on the Internet and the 11-minute clip' is being billed as an "ARTPOP film.  The video is good enough, but I don't get why it's as long as it is, especially when the central part of it is complete enough to suffice.

The entirety of the video can be organized into three distinct parts: the intro, the song and the credits.  The intro consists of three-plus minutes of I don't know what.  The title cut to ARTPOP and Venus are both featured amongst shots of our heroin as a winged creature who's just been shot through the heart by an arrow.  She painstakingly makes her way to some sort of Greek temple where she's placed into a pool as a band of five women with extras belt out the chorus to the latter song.  The clip then segues to the actual video for the tune we're actually supposedly watching.

The central four-minutes of the 'film' has got all of the ingredients for a pop/dance song: dance sequences, sexiness and glitz, all amidst a cool Greco-Roman backdrop.  This part of the clip is followed by four minutes or so of credits as Manicure plays in the background.  

I'm sorry to all of the hardcore Gaga fans out there, but I think Gaga's lost her steam a little.  The ARTPOP album hasn't nearly generated a buzz equivalent to that of Born This Way and I get wanting to be all avant-garde with the themes of the album, but I think she kind of wasted the use of three of its songs in this mini-'film.'  The visuals are cool and all, but I don't really understand whatever story she's trying to tell with it and frankly, in this day and age of short attention spans, why not just do the clip of the song and be done with it. It's good enough to stand on its own, as is the song.

Check out the video for G.U.Y. on VEVO.

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