Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ARTPOP Track Reviews: Venus


When I first heard this one, I thought it was dancey and a little silly and I gave it four out of five stars.  I guess it's still a little silly, it's all about extraterrestrial love, but I'm liking this more with each listen.  This second single grows on you fast!  The intro to the chorus (take me to your planet, take me to your planet) is a little disco, and the chorus itself is absolute catchiness!  Oh, and Gaga gives us a planetary lesson, along with a little humor thrown in during the bridge:

Neptune, Go
Now serve Pluto
Saturn, Jupiter
Mercury, Venus - uh ha!
Don’t you know my ass is famous?

Check out Gaga performing Venus on Britain's X-Factor, along with Do What You Want right here:

Lady Gaga - Venus/Do What You Want Live @ X... by BlakMusicFirst

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