Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ARTPOP Track Reviews: G.U.Y.

Greetings from Eros
God of sexual desire
Son of Aphrodite
Lay back and feast
As this audio guides you
Through new and exciting adventures...

The third track on ARTPOP is one of my favorites.  Upon first listen, I said this one was "very up tempo, very dancey, very Gaga...love it!!!!"  G.U.Y. stands for "girl under you" and as you can see from the intro above, this one's very sexually charged.  Gaga's taking command here, "aimin' for full control of this love, gonna wear the tie, want the power to leave," and all over a energetic techno beat.  Nice! I gave this one four stars the first time and I am sticking with it.  Check out G.U.Y. right here.

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