Monday, March 3, 2014

P!nk: Flawless at the Oscars

I am probably one of the only gay people in the world who did not watch the Academy Awards last night. Movies, and movie stars, have never really sparked my inner fire, and though I would like to start seeing more movies, I didn't really know or care about any of it really.  But there were two things that I would have watched it for, and luckily in today's state of insta-everything, I got to check it out on my pc.

It all started on Friday, when I saw on my Facebook feed that P!nk was going to be performing at the show, though there wasn't a hint anywhere of what she was going to be singing.  That was one thing.  The other, not as important, but watch-worthy nonetheless, was a 75th Anniversary tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Wizard of Oz.  Little did I know that the twain would meet.

Yes, my gal did her part in the homage by crooning that most iconic of songs from the film, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and she looked gorgeous and sang flawlessly.  I hope that the next time she performs at the show, it'll be for a song that she does for a movie.  I'm sure she'd be great for that!  Anyway, check out her performance on her own P!nk's Page.

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