Thursday, May 8, 2014

A-Z Blogging - Adventure Parks - W is for Walley World

What do you think of when you hear the words "Walley World?"  The top definition for the term on Urban Dictionary says it's a nickname that "overzealous shoppers" have given to Wal-Mart, their favorite store. Others might think of a campground called Wally World Resort located in Loudenville, Ohio.  As for me, and probably most of you who were around in 1983, you think of the fictional Disney-type destination in the classic film, National Lampoon's Vacation.


Vacation is one of my all-time favorite movies, with tons and tons of great quotes that I still use today.  For those of you who aren't in the know, the film follows Chicagoan food additives scientist and family man Clark W. Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) as he sets out on a quest for a cross country vacation to America's favorite family fun park, Walley World, home of Marty Moose, one of the world's most beloved characters.

Who's the moosiest moose we know
Marty Moose
Who's the star of our favorite show
Marty Moose

Right from the get-go, hilarity ensues as the Griswolds, take off in the family truckster for Walley World, presumably somewhere in southern California.  They meet with many a hilarious mishap along the way, including a visit with lovable, yet white-trashy Kansas cousin Eddie, the death of Aunt Edna (and her dog!), being at the wrong place at the wrong time in St. Louis, and getting lost near the Grand Canyon.  And to top it all off, after all that they'd gone through to get to their destination, Walley World is closed.

the family truckster

By this time, Clark has been through enough and loses his mind just a lil as he takes matters into his own hands, holding up security guard john Candy with a toy gun and forcing him to take the family on the deserted rides.  It all ends up okay, though, but I won't give away the end if you haven't seen it, and if you haven't seen National Lampoon's Vacation then you need to, especially if you love to laugh.  Classic!

"W" Coaster of the Day -  Wildcat - 
Hersheypark - Hershey, Pennsylvania

Wildcat is one of the wildest rides at Hersheypark, flying through wild twists and turns at speeds of more than 50 miles per hour.  Check it out...

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