Monday, May 5, 2014

Song of the Day - I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

When I went out with my pals Ozzie and Manny the other night, I figured I'd finally get to dance.  I hadn't danced in so long!  As the night turned out, though, we never even had the chance to dance.  Ah well, but we did go to the relatively new Pride Lounge in Astoria.

There was a drag show going on and the tiny place was packed at the front to watch.  This was kind of weird because the front and front side walls of the bar were actually windows where you could see (and hear) the drag show from outside before you even came in.  Of course, Ozzie knew a couple of the performers, one of which was the always fun to watch Sassy Temptress.  The hostess of the show, whose name I presently forget, also knew Ozzie/Ruby and lo and behold, a teeny spectacle was made as we entered.

Anyway, the four queens did a "Diva's Jukebox" number, where each of them performed short snippets of songs by famous divas.  The hostess came up and did this one and the whole place was jumping and singing along.


Now we didn't need a dance floor.  We didn't need much room, but me, Manny, Oz and the whole place was feeling the good vibes that this one always sends out.  What better way to start of the week? Ooh, I wanna dance, and with somebody too!

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