Sunday, May 4, 2014

A-Z Blogging - Adventure Parks - U is for Ultra Twister

Ultra Twister was known as a "heartline" roller coaster.  The ride originally opened in 1986 at Six Flags Great Adventure and was moved to Astroworld in 1991 where it stayed until that park closed in 2005, never to be ridden again.  I remember when the ride first opened, it's design was unlike anything I'd ever seen before or since.  Like the name states, this thing is an ultra twister, spinning riders in, around, up and down in a myriad of ways.  The ride is sort of an out and back design, but not quite like any other coaster out there.

The track for Ultra Twister was enclosed, and well, kind of indescribable with words.  Check out the ride below.  You can probably imagine how slow moving this line was from how it could only send out one train at a time and this is why it probably met its ultimate demise.  Too bad it was never picked up anywhere else.

"U" Coaster of the Day - Ultra Twister - 
Nagashima Spa Land - Mie Prefecture, Japan


Just when I said there hasn't been a ride like Ultra Twister since, I found this one with the same name operating in Nagashimi Spa Land in Japan.  This one is very similar to the original, only the lift hill is a staggering 90 degrees straight up!  Oh I'd so love to ride this!  Check it out...

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