Thursday, April 3, 2014

A-Z Blogging - Adventure Parks - C is for the Coasters of China

Unless you really take a look out there, one would never realize just how many roller coasters exist in the world.  A friend of mine recently turned me on to a website that keeps track of all of the coasters in the world, both operating and defunct.  The Roller Coaster Database keeps a census of the 3,395 coasters that exist in the world in six of the seven continents (no coasters in Antarctica!), and is a very cool site for enthusiasts like myself to check out.

In prepping for "C" Day of the A-Z Blogger's Challenge, I thought about several topics I could have written about, like Cedar Point, the roller coaster mecca of the world, cotton candy, Coney Island, carousels, carnivals and the like, but since I found this database I thought I'd check out and share some of the cool coasters of China.  Every once in awhile, on a roller coaster show on TLC or the Discovery Channel, I'll see some of these cool coasters that I'd otherwise never even know about.  So, come along and check out four of China's best rides...

10 Inversion Roller Coaster 
Chime Long Paradise Amusement Park, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

This Intamin steel monster first opened in 2006 and was only the second coaster in the world to feature 10 inversions, behind Colossus at England's Thorpe Park.  I'd love a ride on this one!

Crystal Wing
 Happy Valley Amusement Park, Beijing, China

Crystal Wing is a B&M flying coaster with the identical layout of the Superman: Ultimate Flight coasters located at several Six Flags parks.  The edifice and surroundings of this coaster is very, very cool!  Check it out...


Diving Coaster
Chimelong Paradise, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

So far, this one's my favorite.  Supposedly very similar to Sheikra in Busch Gardens, which I've never ridden, this one seems to pause ever so slightly before the first drop and then again on a second.  Have fun watching this one..

Flying Over the Rainforest
Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom

This steel wing coaster has an impressive first drop, coming in at an impressive 164 feet above the ground. Check it out...

"C" Coaster of the Day - Coaster Jet, Nasu Highland, Japan

Since we're in Asia, I figured we'd stay there for today's coaster of the day.  This one's called Camel Coaster Jet Coaster and it's located in Nasu Highland, Japan. Pretty cool!  Check it out...

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