Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A-Z Blogging - Adventure Parks - L is for Log Flumes

The log flume is one of the oldest and still most loved rides around.  Almost every amusement park has some variation of a log flume ride, and these not only can be fun, but sometimes even thrilling.  It's the kind of ride the whole family can enjoy.  Here's one located at Knotsberry Farm in California that's considered among the best...

Cool, huh?

"L" Coaster of the day - Lightning Racer - 
Hersheypark, Hershey, PA

One of the best types of wooden coasters are the racing kind, with two trains heading off side by side along divergent tracks, seemingly in a race with one another.  There are many classic racers, like The Racer in Kennywood, Rebel Yell in King's Dominion, Colossus at Magic Maountain, and more.  Here's one, the Lightning Racer, that's my absolute favorite!  It's located at Hersheypark in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and its Lightning and Thunder trains have been racing for almost fifteen years now.  This one's nothing but fun! Check it out...

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