Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Tarot

Today I had a play date with my friend Sonny and it was a really nice day.  I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago how I've been feeling like I've lost my mojo and well, such a nice day as this definitely worked to get me another step closer to finding it.  Although my time with Sonny was great, it was a Tarot card reading that really pushed me...

His name was Frank, and Sonny and I first saw him as we parked outside the coffee shop where we were headed.  As Frank approached the place for his regular session of reading in the shop, Sonny waved hello and he stopped over by the car to chat before he went inside.  After exchanging pleasantries, he started for the door and then stopped, turned around, and said something...

Your expectations don't meet your talent.  It's spring, summer, the weather is getting warmer.  People are feeling good.  Create your art and raise your expectations of yourself.

At first, I wasn't sure which one of us he was talking to, but that sure sounded like me.  He was right on spot, especially since I haven't been feeling like I've been writing as good or as much as I should.  My confidence has been shot.  Sonny was a little confused by it too, the way he looked as he spoke, but I was sure it was directed at me.

Wow, that was pretty good, I told him.

What can I say?  I'm a witch.

Right then and there I decided that maybe, just maybe, I would have my cards read once we went inside. So, about ten minutes afterwards, Sonny and I found ourselves sitting at a large table towards the back of the coffee shop, right near where Frank was set up.  I excused myself and told Sonny I was going to have my cards read.

My Reading

Though he offered for me to record what he said, I didn't do it, but I should have.  I'm not very good at remembering details after one listen, but I can tell you that throughout our half-hour conversation he saw things about me that I really already knew, and I was glued to what he said as he offered connection and clarity to some of the things that I'd believed, but never really thought about.

Frank's talent is unquestionable.  He told me things about my life that he couldn't possibly have known, and I'd never realized the significance of these experiences and people I've connected with throughout my life until today.

Frank mentioned a very special person in my life, my nana Mary.  He spoke of how I follow in the lineage from my mother and her mother, and that my nana watches over me, rooting me on because I'm living my life kinda sorta how she wanted to live hers, only she lived in a different time and was never able to even try, but only to dream about such things.  From both of these women I've inherited my kindness and place in this world as one who is here to bring joy to others.  This is something I've always known about myself, but have never spoken of it to anyone.

Two other significant relationships in my life have affected me in a big way, too, one which I've gotten over, and the other one which I haven't quite.  I listened to Frank knowingly, and hearing these things out loud from a complete stranger told me that what I choose to see in the mirror isn't really what's there.  I need to bring my inherent energies out always, and retire the masks that I always wear.  Again, I knew exactly what he was speaking of.    

So what do I do from here?  Well, I'm not really sure.  A lot of the things that Frank and I spoke of today definitely added clarity to what I've begun to discern from Millman's The Life You Were Born to Live. After about twenty minutes of Frank reading my cards, he asked what questions I had.  I've always said that Millman doesn't really offer advice on how to fix stuff, only to explain one's inherent nature.  So I asked...

What do I need to do?

Be yourself.  Let your inner kindness come forth all the time.  He explained that we all have different energies about us and that we're all attracted to and repelled from one another naturally, like magnets. I just need to learn to recognize and just keep away from my polar opposites, energy-wise.  Like everything else Frank said to me, I understood.

So stay tuned as I continue to observe, learn, and hopefully grow as a result of this new found awareness. It's funny, but I was always afraid of having my fortune told or being read, but for some reason I had no hesitation to do it today, probably only because I'd met Frank outside.  Still, the experience gave me anenlightening feeling that I'm going to hang on to as long as I can!

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  1. Right on! Now all you have to do is shed the fear that holds you back and fulfill your destiny. I am exactly the same way. Your reading was so accurate. Now you just need to fly little bird. I'm so happy for you that you gained direction from all this.