Saturday, May 17, 2014

Song of the Day - Off to the Races - Lana del Ray

Did you ever like a song based on another person's reaction to it?  Well I have, lots of times.  There's something about seeing another person being moved by a tune in some way, shape or form that somehow tells me inside that maybe this song is worth pursuing.  This is the case with today's song.

Once again, it was my friend Sonny who inspired me to post Lana del Ray's Off to the Races.  He played it in the car and I watched and listened to how he knew not only every word, but every beat to the tune. Though I've never really loved Lana del Ray, I do have her album and I already had this song, but never listened to it.  Now, the sexy romp to the races sits in my main music folder.  Check it out...


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