Saturday, September 6, 2014

Song of the Day - Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

It definitely took me awhile to get into this one, and even though I kinda sorta like it now, I can see why a lot of people wouldn't.  I mean, for one thing, kids today think this song is 100% original, but we know better.  It seems like everything in entertainment these days, from movies to television shows to music, is recycled, and this one is a blatant recycling of not only some beats and lines, but was even titled from one word in Sir Mix A Lot's classic.  And the expletives, oh the expletives. Necessary?  Hey, it's a part of life and language, but to me, as a teacher, it's not a very admirable way to make a song that you know kids are going to listen to.  I'll bet that there are several of the many that could've been left out, but ah well, Nicki is a talented rapstress and her own imprint on the tune does give it some worth.  Happy Saturday!    

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