Monday, September 29, 2014

Song of the Day - You + Me - You + Me, Feat. P!nk and Dallas Green

Here's something that I've wanted to talk about for a couple of weeks now. Almost three weeks ago now, P!nk announced that she'd been working on a new project, You + Me, with Canadian musician Dallas Green (Nope, I've never heard of him either!), and simultaneously released the first single, also titled You + Me.  

Though there's not so so much out there about Rose Ave., the project's first album being released on October 14th, but word is it's a folk album.  This should not be surprising to P!nk fans, who's contributed many great songs that could be considered to belong in that genre (When We're Through, The One That Got Away...).  

Anyway, I, like probably many other P!nk fans out there, scratched my head as to why she'd follow up the awesome Truth About Love album with something so obscure as this.  It's a big risk, no doubt, but I am a bona fide P!nk fan and I believe she's simply doing it out of love for music and she's got enough respect that she can.  It did take me a little while to get this one, but get it I did, and if you haven't heard it yet, give it a chance.  I promise after a listen or two, you'll get it too!  It's really a beautiful song.  I am sure the rest of Rose Ave. is gonna be awesome!  Check out You + Me...

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