Sunday, September 14, 2014

Song of the Day - Express Yourself (Blond Ambition Tour) - Madonna

Last night my pal and fellow Madonna fan, Sean, hosted a mini-viewing party of Madonna's classic tour documentary, Truth or Dare, coupled with Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful, a pretty funny spoof of the film conceived by, directed by and starring comedienne Julie Brown.  For any true fan of Madge, watching Truth or Dare is something you just do every once in awhile.  It simply brings back the joy of the time when our heroine was at the pinnacle of her career.

The movie is a classic by virtually anyone's standards, but for us it is THE best concert tour documentary ever!  The show itself was groundbreaking, presented in a series of highly entertaining vignettes strung together in themes.  The choreography was superb and the entire show a feast for the senses.  No one had ever really done such a show before it, and today it has become commonplace for a concert to be a lot more than just the act performing songs, and it's one of those things that made Madonna such a huge star, right up there with Elvis and the Beatles.  

Here's the opening performance from the show as seen in the film, presented as today's Song of the Day.  It's the sexually charged Express Yourself, and just a glimpse of this performance gives you an idea of just how good this Blond Ambition show was.  Enjoy and Happy Sunday!


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