Sunday, December 21, 2014

Madonna's "Rebel Heart" Track Reviews - Ghosttown

Ghosttown is one BIG song!  Though I always prefer uptempo songs, every once in awhile a ballad really gets to me, and such is the case with this one.  The first few times I listened to it, I kept thinking to myself that it sounds like someone else's song, not a Madonna tune...and it still does.  I could surely hear Celine, P!nk, Gloria Estefan, or even Gaga doing this power ballad...and Madge nails it, again in a big way.  This one's as dramatic as a song gets and it's yet another good sign that Ms. M is pushing envelopes again, breaking new ground and finding even newer ways to reinvent herself.  It's the one song off the newly released tracks that was not leaked beforehand, and it's a gem!  

If you'd like to pre-purchase the album and get the new tracks, click on the link below.

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