Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Well, it was about time I did it.  It's only a little more than two weeks before Christmas and I finally put up my tree.  It's the first Christmas tree I've put up in two years.  (I didn't put one up last year because I was going to be in Chile for the holiday.)  Anyway, I've been quite the bah humbug these past few years around Christmastime and so I think that this year's tree is THE perfect one for me.

Isn't it beautiful?  I know, right...  well, it's a  Yeah, well maybe a lot.  It's wider at the top and very narrow at the bottom, and it's a little bare, too.  Couldn't even fit all of my ornaments on it.  But it was free...

My Charlie Brown Christmas tree has actually been sitting on my deck in water for the past few weeks already.  I'd chosen it the day I had my big trees in the front yard cut down.  You see, this evergreenish tree was growing out of the trunk of one of the giant maples and when they took it off, I said out loud, "That's perfect for a Christmas tree!"  I had the guys cut if from the bigger tree gently and I put it in water on my deck until the time came to put it up, which was today.  

So this year I won't expect any of the Ooh, what a beautiful tree's.  I'll probably get more of the I don't know what to say about your pathetic Christmas tree's instead.  That's okay though.  Since money's scarcer than ever and I don't really have anyone to share the holiday with, this one will suffice.  Um, yeah! Check out some more pictures of this bad boy tree...

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