Sunday, December 21, 2014

Madonna's "Rebel Heart" Track Reviews - Devil Pray

Take my sins and wash them away
Teach me how to pray

I’ve been stranded here in the dark

Take these walls away

The second track off of Madonna's new Rebel Heart album is both an acoustic and a religiously-themed track, two things which Madonna fans have become used to over the years (see I'm a Sinner, Miles Away, Nothing Fails, etc.).  These two aspects of Madonna music have never really boded well on the charts (withh the exception of Like a Prayer, of course, and that was many moons ago!), and this one probably won't either.  

That being said, Devil Pray is a pretty good song, and serves as yet another signal that Ms. M will be making a big splash onto the music scene once again.  This one picks up where I'm a Sinner left off. On that track, our heroine was reveling in her sins, (I'm a sinner, I like it that way...), though towards the end she calls upon the saints to wash them away.  In the same vein, this one speaks to the darker side of life, only in a more serious tone...

And we can do drugs
And we can smoke weed
And we can drink whiskey
Yeah we can get high
And we can get stoned

And we can sniff glue
And we can do E
And we can drop acid
Forever been lost with no way home

Yeah, the aim of the track is to make the Devil pray, pray to keep her upon the path of sin, as she once again calls upon the holy to help her and set her back upon the right path.

 Mother Mary, can you help me?
Cuz I’m gone astray
All the angels that were around me
Have all flown away
The ground beneath my feet’s getting warmer

Lucifer is near

Holding on, but I’m getting weaker
Watch me disappear

Ooh ooh ooh sing hallelujah

Ooh ooh ooh save my soul

Ooh ooh ooh the devil was here to fool ya
Until my story’s told

Oh those sing hallelujah's!  I always love that.  Devil Pray probably won't make much of a splash on any type of chart, but it's got a great, steady rhythm and it's surely good enough by far to fall into the realm of songs to remember for Madonna fans everywhere.  Take a listen...

If you'd like to pre-purchase the album and get the new tracks, click on the link below.

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