Thursday, September 19, 2013

Song of the Day - A Little Respect - Erasure


Today's song is dedicated to Andy Herren, who was named the winner on last night's Big Brother season finale.  This season was my very first time ever watching the show and like many people, I got sucked into this drama-ridden fishbowl of a game show all summer long.  Andy was the token gay guy on the show this season and I liked him at first, but after stabbing so many people in the back throughout the last several weeks, I wasn't rooting for him anymore.

However, in last night's finale it quickly became obvious to me and to Andy's fellow contestants that this was indeed a game and Mr. Andy only did all what he did just to get himself in a position to win in the end, which he did, defeating fellow contestant Gina Marie Zimmerman.

Now the reason for the song has nothing to do with the song itself, but the act.  Throughout the season, I was always reminded of Erasure's Andy Bell whenever I looked at Andy (coincidence?), and so I told myself that if he won, I'd put up an Erasure tune today.  (I have no idea what I would have put up if GM would've won.)

So anyway, here's Erasure with A Little Respect, a great, great song!

Erasure - A Little Respect from Melanie Roberts on Vimeo.

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