Monday, September 2, 2013

Here's to a Great Summer!

Summer moon, on your face 
For the wind blows so sweet
Come away, come away
Dance with me...

Let us dance to forget
Let us dance to remember
All those days last summer

Even though many people think that dance music is mindless music without meaning, I always beg to differ.  Oh sure, there's plenty of dance stuff out there that is, well, mindless, and that's because it's main purpose is to make you dance, not contemplate the meanings of life and love.  There are many dance songs out there, however, that are just as meaningful as those of any other genre of music. All one has to do is look to Madonna or Robyn, Janet Jackson, Avicii's Wake Me Up, etc. to find dance songs that are anything but fluff.

The lyrics above are from a 2005 dance song called Summer Moon by a French-based project named Africanism All Stars, and the words fit so nicely in my life right here and right now. Yesterday, like virtually every Sunday of Labor Day Weekend before, I ventured to Cherry Grove with my friends, and like every other Sunday of Labor Day Weekend before, I was surrounded by good people and great friends.  

Yesterday's trip to the Island of Fire was a special one, different than all of the other ones before it. Though the cast of characters was different, the experience was like always, fun and full of joy, but this time I brought with me a different perspective of the present.  The players in yesterday's outing were mostly from bowling, that wonderful little weekly social event that is chock full of special people, and of course my pals Rich and Bobby were there, too.  

Throughout the evening we laughed, we chatted, and we danced.  We danced to forget and we danced to remember.  At least I did!  This was a summer unlike any other for me, full of high highs and low lows, and there were many things about it that I'd like to forget and yet countless others I'll cherish in my mind for years to come.

My broken relationship with my family has followed me like a gray cloud throughout the summer, but in the wake of that mess I've come to learn a very important thing.  Where I've been feeling that this situation reflected poorly on my character, I've learned that it says nothing bad about my character. Regardless of what's happened with them, I am surrounded by a great number of people who have no other ties to me other than friendship.  They've all made the choice to be in my life and I know it's because they love me for who I am.  

My social circle has grown by leaps and bounds ever since I joined that bowling league last fall, and this summer I've fostered great relationships with many of those people.  Being with them in P-town just a few weeks back was a wonderful experience that became a catalyst for forging what I hope will be lifelong relationships.  Aside from that, I am now and will forever be grateful for my buddies Rich and Bobby, who are so much more important to me to be called just friends. They are family.   

So as summer draws to a close and the school year is less than 24 hours away, I stand here in my present satisfied with my life and who I am.  These past six years have been long and difficult for me as I've sought to find out who I really am.  Though the roads been difficult and there's a lot of navigating yet to do, I can say at this moment that it was all worth it.  This summer was a special one for me, full of happy memories and good times with great people: roller coasters in Virginia with Dita, a weekend with Flo and Francois, some very exciting moments in Atlantic City, trips to the beach, working with the little ones again, clubbing in the city, a nice reunion with my sister Chrissy, Friday night chitchats at Nuts N Bolts, P-town, and of course, Fire Island.  

A little over two years ago, I wrote a poem about myself for the A-Z Blogger's Challenge, and upon reading it I can see that not much has changed about me since then.  The core of my being is strong, and I continue to both appreciate what I have and to seek out new nuggets of wisdom along the way.  

Today I put summer behind me to focus on here and now, and what is to come.  Back to school means back to life, but I know it doesn't all have to be mundane.  I will get my enjoyment in life once again through my kids during school days and I will continue to forge my relationships with the people in my life during nights and weekends.  Soon I will be placing focus on my upcoming trip to Chile and possibly a trip to Canada afterwards.  This post has been a living, breathing example of one of my Keys to Life, to live in the present, appreciate what you've had and what you have, and always look to tomorrow with optimism.  It's not easy to do, but it is so worth it.

So here's to a great summer 2013, to a great school year and a great life!  Check out Summer Moon...


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