Friday, April 22, 2011

J is for John

Though I’m still nowhere near the others in the A-Z Challenge, I continue today with “J”:

J is for John

My name is John. I’ve never really liked the name because it’s one of the most common names in history. It’s been used to refer to bathrooms and men who pay for sex, so there’s another reason not to like it, but John is me. It’s who I am, and I’m no ordinary John.

Who is John?

John is a very unique and special person
He’s kind, compassionate, and full of empathy
He likes to see the world through rose colored glasses
Likes to see the good in everyone
But sometimes that’s hard to do

Lucky in love, unlucky in love
It’s all been a part of John’s life
Happy memories that will never fade
And promises of love yet to come
And all in all, no regrets

John is a connoisseur of music
It’s his passion
Songs to inspire, songs to dance to
And songs to make him cry
Music is the soundtrack to his life

Dancing is his escape
The liberation of self-expression
Is an addiction like no other
Dancing troubles away
While moving to the music

Never much of a daredevil
Though some may consider him so
For another of his passions
Is strictly a summertime pleasure
Coasters, woodies and steel, is his delight

John is a son, a brother, an uncle
And a friend
Though he doesn’t always show it
He loves everyone in his life
In his own special way

In work, John’s tried a lot of things
Banker, deejay, real estate broker
And after long last
He found the one thing he was meant to do
John is a teacher

John teaches in many ways
He teaches young immigrants our language
Giving them a lifelong tool
Teaching makes good use of his talents
And helping his kids satisfies him like nothing else

In recent years, John has taken on another teaching role
Sharing all he’s learned of life
Through the written word
Hoping to help others through his experiences
And entertain with his passions

But most of all, John is a dreamer
Always yearning for something better in life
Never ceases in his quest for
The true happiness he desires
And deserves

Maybe one day he’ll find it
No one really knows
But for now he just lives in the present
Appreciating the richness
That already permeates his life

Yes, appreciation and acknowledgement is key
For he has a lot to be thankful for
His friends, his family, his talent
And his passions
This is John

Thanks, as always, for reading!

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