Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 - Just a thought and a video

Hello everyone! I'm just sitting here, tired and looking forward to sleep. I often feel that there's not enough hours in the day and I only wish I had more of them. Ah, well, it's a never-ending quest to organize myself to make the most of my time. I feel like I've been thinking about it forever, but I never seem to get it going...

I wasn't planning on posting today, but I've had something on my mind all day and I wanted to mark it in some way before I head off to sleep. Today is two months since the Robyn concert and two months since I last contacted him. His birthday's coming up, so he's been in my mind a little more lately and when I saw the date today I remembered February 5th.

Anyway, it sucks, but I do still think of him at times. I dunno, I've been getting a good move-on with my life, networking and getting out there, but there's still a lurking sadness over what transpired. Not that I'm feeling down all the time, I'm not. It's just that every once in awhile, like now, things remind me of him and I just feel sad.

Part of my healing has been to wipe him from my thoughts. I no longer listen to Robyn as much, nor Adele...and I hate to say this, I really do, but I've come to hate Pink's 'Raise Your Glass.' Whenever any of these songs come on the radio or my iPod, I quickly change em'! I don't need to be sad, ya know, and sometimes you've just gotta do what you've got to do to help yourself.

So, in memory, or acknowledgement of this moment, I hereby present "Dancing On My Own," by Robyn. It's the most appropriate one for where I stand now, for it's one Robyn song I loved before I met him, so I can separate it from the negative thoughts of our time. Some of her other songs bring me back to memories I'd rather not think of, but when I hear this one, I can look back and smile, for that was one of the happiest memories of whatever it was we had, singing along to it together for the first time as we danced.

So, for what it's worth, enjoy Robyn's "Dancing on My Own." It's a really good song!!!!

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