Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011 - A nice date; advertisers; Splash Thursdays; Y!CN

Today is Friday and I’m in a writing groove! This is the fourth piece I’ve penned today and I need to take a break once I’m done with it or else I’ll find myself still in my p.j.’s, sitting at my pc at 9PM tonight. It’s not often that I get into such a creative mood, full of ideas, and I have to go with it when it happens. So here goes…

My Thursday

Yesterday was not a good day for me. My entry described all of the things that were going on around me and I was very frustrated with all of it, though as I said in my post, I wasn’t going to let any of it get to me and I didn’t. Once I had finished writing it, I hopped in the shower and got ready for my date.

Now I don’t want to share his name, and I warned him last night that any interaction with me could get him mentioned here, so I can’t not discuss it. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about the date for several reasons, all having to do with the ex. As I noted in a previous post, the new guy is the same age as him and they’re both Hispanic, so he immediately reminded me of my ex when I met him. I’m also still smarting over him and I have a lot of trepidation about setting off in the direction of another relationship right now, but he is nice and he’s cute and I’ve decided not to worry about it…just keep moving forward!

In the end, I was so happy that I went. We ate at one of my favorite Brazilian restaurants, Greenfield’s, which used to be here on Long Island, but closed awhile ago. The conversation was comfortable and nice, and once again I was reminded of my ex because there were eerie similarities to both of our stories. I hadn’t realized beforehand that his breakup was even more recent than mine, which is probably a good thing because it puts us both in similar places. Anyway, he’s been through a lot of things in his short life and this morning I was pleased to find out that our conversation inspired him to write in his own blog for the first time.

Now I’m not going to share it here. I would never do that without asking first, but I read it this morning and found it to be a very well done introduction to his purpose. He called his post “Pieces to a Puzzle” and in it he referred to his future blog entries as puzzle pieces that will eventually make up the whole of his life and who he is. I feel the same exact way with my own writings, whether on here or at Y!CN. All of the pieces together make up a complete picture of who I am as a person, and his entry inspired me to post my “J is for John” piece.

So I move forward in time with an open mind, not expecting anything, and just enjoying the moments we’ll share. Whether I get a new friend or anything else out of it, I’ll be better off in the end for I know that knowing him will enrich my life somehow. We’ll see…

Monetizing the blog

As many of you may have noticed, I’ve been placing advertisements within the blog in the hopes of generating some income from it. Since it’s taken off in recent months (I’m occasionally outnumbering my hits on Y!CN with this blog…wow!), I’ve been focusing more on it at the expense of my page views at Y!CN and other endeavors. The income from the other sites has dropped with less articles posted and so I need to find something to make up for it.

Though I will try my best not to have too many ads on here, especially pop-ups (I hate those!), I will continue to place ads on where to find the songs I post within these pages. I’ve placed links to both digital downloads (iTunes) and traditional CD’s (Amazon) below videos so that any of you who enjoy the music posted here can easily find a place to get it. I hope that helps and going forward I’ll be looking to add some more useful advertisements that relate to the content of the site.

Splash Thursday

After my date last night, I returned to Splash for some much needed dancing therapy. With all that happened yesterday and thoughts of my ex nagging at me, I needed to let loose a little on the dance floor. I was once again amazed at how much better the place is on weeknights than on weekends. The music is much better overall and last night was just about as crowded as I’d ever seen it.

I danced so much last night that I was forced to leave early because my shirt was literally soaked from sweat. That was okay, though; because by the time I left I’d had enough ‘dancing therapy’ and was feeling better. In the meantime, here’s a great dance song they played last night from back in the day:

It's Not Right But It's Okay (Thunderpuss Mix) - Whitney - The Greatest Hits

Y!CN Articles

Here are some pieces I’ve published since the last time I added links here:

Keys to Life #7 – Stop Blaming Everyone Else

The latest in the series and a good one, I think. Three more to go and then the real fun begins…

Remembering the 1994 New York Rangers: My Most Treasured Sports Memento

This one was an assignment I claimed from Y!CN. Though I don’t follow sports like I used to, I still enjoy a game here and there. My favorite sport is hockey. I think it’s the most exciting, non-stop action in any sport and the Rangers are my absolute favorite team! 1994 was an awesome year for NY sports and I’ve got a really special memento to prove it!

Pop Music News Weekly, April 12th

I missed out on my weekly post this week, but here’s last week’s edition with some exciting stuff.

My Long Island

This one’s the latest in my “Crossroads” series. I hadn’t written on that in awhile and since summer is approaching fast and I’ve resigned myself to staying here on Long Island for it, I decided to share some of my favorite things about the place I currently live.

Rihanna’s Top Ten Songs…So Far!

I love Rihanna, and top ten lists are always fun to write and they get lots of hits.
Well, as Porky Pig used to say, “That’s all folks.” Have a great weekend!

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