Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011 - Today is not my day!!!

Today’s been a bad day! Even though the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I think somehow, someway, something’s trying to get the best of me and I refuse to let it! I have no idea where this new attitude came from, but I thank the good Lord for helping me find it, otherwise I’d be a real wreck right now.

Suds, suds and more suds!

It actually started yesterday when I was cleaning my house, preparing for company. I was dusting and vacuuming the downstairs and decided to run the ¾ full dishwasher in anticipation of filling it up again with the dishes from dinner. I put the detergent in, hit the ‘on’ button, and went about my vacuuming. Within ten minutes or so, I noticed my cats were peering into the kitchen from afar. I thought that was odd, so I went to investigate.

The kitchen floor was covered in watery suds! The dishwasher had suddenly gone amok and I was getting company in two hours. As I’ve been lately, I didn’t let it get to me and quickly made a decision that cooking was no longer an option and pizza would have to do. I’d worry about the dishwasher tomorrow (today!).

Well today came and early in the morning I was on the phone with the appliance guy. I was figuring there was just a clog somewhere and it wouldn’t be too bad, money-wise, to fix. Lo and behold the pump is shot and it’s going to cost me $350 for a new one. Deep breaths!

At first I told the guy okay, and he said he’d have to come back with the pump later on. I had to cancel my date for the afternoon and push it until the evening. No problem. More deep breaths. In the meantime, I was told by a friend that a new dishwasher could cost me the same or even less than just the pump…hmmm? I promptly cancelled the pump and now it looks like I’ll be washing dishes by hand for awhile.

The Ex Drops By…

I had a surprise visit from Joe today. I kind of had a feeling I’d be seeing him because usually when he pops over it’s on Thursday, his day off. Now, I’m always glad to see Joe. After all, we’re still good friends, but for some reason he left me uneasy about my life today. He and his new partner just bought a new house and they’ll be moving in shortly. No big deal. I’m really happy for him…I mean them.

I don’t know, but every once in awhile I feel like the whole world is moving ahead and I’m here running through quicksand and getting nowhere. I know that he wasn’t trying to rub anything in, but hearing all about his happiness just made me feel like a big loser. Once again, thank goodness for the new attitude and being able to take deep breaths.

The Car….again!

After Joe left, I decided to get a cup of Café Mocha from Dunkin Donuts around the block. I needed something pleasurable for the day. I grabbed my keys and headed towards my car in the driveway. It wouldn’t start! I hate it when things are working fine and then all of a sudden you go to use them again and BAM, suddenly they’re not working anymore. More deep breaths! It was already 4:30 and I still needed to get ready to go into the city for dinner. I didn’t know what to do. I got the number for my mechanic, hoping they’d still be open and able to look at my car, though I had no idea how I would get it there.

I decided to try it again, this time with my other key (I dunno, for luck maybe?). It started like always. I didn’t even run back into the house to lock it up, as I pulled out of the driveway for DD’s. I just got back a little while ago and called the guy I have the date with to tell him about the great day I was having. He offered to move our date to the weekend, but I told him I really wanted to come. As soon as I finish this post I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready. Hopefully the car will start when I get back out there!

Not my day….so what?

Somehow, I think that karma is biting me in the ass right now for going to AC earlier in the week. No, I really couldn’t afford to go gambling with all of the financial difficulties I’ve been having, but I really didn’t gamble too much anyway. So now I look at having to get a new dishwasher and who knows what else with my car and I’m thinking that I probably shouldn’t even go to see Lady Gaga on Saturday. But I’m not going to spend my time worrying about all of that. No, with this new attitude of mine, I’m just going to enjoy the present, live in the moment and hope that everything will be alright. Deep breaths!

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