Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011: "B" is for so many things...

I’ve been trying all day to think of “B” words for my second entry into the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and I’ve come up with quite a few. Rather than choose just one, I’m going to use several and spin them in my own unique way. I’m already way behind and I may never get caught up with this thing, so here goes nothing…

B is for Britney…

Britney Spears, that is. I want to say upfront here that I am not the world’s biggest Britney fan. I dated that guy a couple of years ago and he only worked to scar my image of her anyway. I admittedly like a lot of her music, though, especially her new “Femme Fatale” CD. In my Pop Music Weekly Edition from March 29 (see it here), I mentioned the rave reviews it got upon its release and I have to say that I agree. The album is probably one of the best she’s ever done, despite obvious flaws. I’m contemplating a review of the album, as I’ve got a lot of things to say about it. Stay tuned.

Femme Fatale (Deluxe Version) - Britney Spears

B is for Blogging

I originally started this blog as a way to promote my work on what was then called Associated Content. All I had ever done on it before was place links to my pieces there in the hopes that they would get more hits, and my posts were irregular at best. Then, at the beginning of the year I was going through a personal crisis and the true blogging had begun. For the first few weeks of the year and even now once and again I pour my soul into this blog and in the meantime it has morphed into something I had hoped for when I first created it. Where AC/Y!CN had once been the place for me to write my personal stuff, this has become the new place for that and a whole lot more. I love writing this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it. Keep watching as it moves along and grows…

B is for the Billboard Magazine Music Award Nominations

In this week’s edition of Pop Music News, I reported on the upcoming Billboard Music Awards (read it here). The show is being telecast on May 22nd and its already got a lot of hot performers booked. This morning, the magazine announced its nominees for the show and a whole slew of hot favorites are in the running, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Eminem and a whole lot more. To see the entire list of nominees, click here.

B is for Barbra Streisand Duck Sauce

Yesterday’s “Song of the Day” was a recent club/dance hit named after the famous singer/actress/diva/all-around entertainer who just happens to be THE diva of my good friend Rich. Ever since posting the song, I’ve played it a lot and it’s infectious, crazy beats, coupled with the intermittent spoken words “Barbra Streisand” are simply stuck in my head for the foreseeable future. Oh well, there could be worse things in life. Check out the post here.

B is for the Beatles, Barry White, Bob Marley, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, Blondie, Bette Midler, the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and all of the other “B” named artists in my iTunes library

Just a quick look at the artists listed here tells you the wide variety of music that I’ve had the privilege to enjoy in my life, from the time I was a little boy right up until today. There’s a little bit of reggae, some disco, the British Invasion, new wave, pop and of course dance music thrown into the mix. These are but a few of the many artists with “B” names that I still take a listen to every now and then to relive fond memories or just to enjoy again and again.

Of course, I’ll end this one as I normally do, only this time with a theme. B is for the Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom, Boom, Pow.’ Take a listen:

Boom Boom Pow - The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)

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