Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madonna's 'True Blue' album gets covered

Madonnalicious, a website dedicated entirely to the Material Girl, just tweeted this little tidbit:

Madonna's True Blue album gets covered

PS I Love You, Young Galaxy, Winter Gloves and You Say Party! are some of the acts appearing on 'True Blue,' a free digital covers album of Madonna's 1986 smash album released this week through Paper Bag Records...Paper Bag Records announced Sunday via Twitter of a 'Post-Record Store Day gift for y'all....' The album celebrates the Canadian label's eighth anniversary.

Even though 'True Blue' is not one of my favorite Madonna albums, it does contain several great songs and I think it's cool that its been redone. So check out the blog post here and get your FREE downloaded copy of the 'True Blue' tribute album. You can also pick up the original (if you don't already have it!) at iTunes by clicking the link below:

True Blue - Madonna

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