Thursday, April 21, 2011

I is for iPod

Good day everyone! It’s a gorgeous day outside today, though a bit on the chilly side. I have other posts to do, so I’m going to get right to my latest entry into the A-Z Challenge:

I is for iPods…

… and iTunes and iPhones and iPads…

But really, as a true connoisseur of music, the iPod to me is one of the best inventions ever! Having lived through the days of records, cassettes, CD’s, and even 8-track tapes, I can attest that the iPod is by far the very best mode ever for listening to music. It’s small and easily portable, and nowadays the electronic accessories that go with the iPod are widespread and inexpensive. They save trips to the ‘record’ store and the prices on new music through iTunes are pretty good, too…and the best part about having an iPod is the ability to have all your music organized and in one, easy to access place.

Rather than go through the intricacies of iPods, I will share some links here to some Articles I’ve written in the past that pertain to the joys of having one and some helpful tips on using them with iTunes. If you don’t have an iPod yet, I suggest you get one real soon, for who knows how long before CD’s become completely obsolete! Here are the links:

The Convenience and Ease of iPods Renders CD’s Obsolete

For New iPod Users

Creating Smart Playlists on iTunes

Creating Customized Playlists on iTunes

How to Move Your iTunes Music Library to Your New Computer Via Your iPod

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