Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011 - Odds n' Ends

Happy Hump Day everybody! I say that with trepidation because since I’m on vacation I don’t consider this a real hump to want to get over. So far I’ve been enjoying my time and I don’t want it to end. I’ve been wanting to get back to a regular posting ever since I’ve been doing the A-Z Challenge and so today’s a good day to get going.


Today is April 20th, a date that’s already being noted all over the Internet. For those of you who aren’t in the know, the number ‘420’ is a code word for marijuana. Now I don’t want to say too much about it here, but I am one who believes that marijuana should be legalized. Considering the widespread use and even celebration of alcohol, I don’t think that pot is any worse. It’s all a matter of perception.

I remember about two years ago when Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps was busted for having pot. I wrote a piece on it, which you can read below. The article contains all I have to say on the subject and rather than rehash it here, I’ll just place the link for you to read if you like:

Michael Phelps and Pot

Splash Tuesday

As I had planned, last night I went to Splash. As many of you know, I love to dance and any chance I get to go dancing, I go for it. Tuesday nights are always a packed house and I like the music they play much better than on the weekends, so I went and had a fantastic time, except for one little thing…

Big oops…Caught in a lie!

Back on April 2nd, I wrote a post called the ‘NOW Generation.’ In it, I spoke of a friend whom I had recently reconnected with. We’d hung out a lot last summer and we lost contact when I was dating you know who. Not long after my breakup, he gave me a call and we saw each other a few times. He and I never really connected on a relationship level, but we enjoyed each other’s company every once in awhile. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for him.

Anyway, in that post I mentioned how he abandoned me at Splash one night and made me really angry. I left the bar without him, but ended up going back to drive him home. Ever since that night I’ve avoided him like the plague. He had texted me the day after, asking me if I was angry with him and I told him that I was, but I wouldn’t be forever. That boy is persistent.

In the past week, he’s texted me quite a few times, trying to get together. The last time was yesterday, and in his text he asked me if I was going to Splash. He must’ve remembered that I said I was going to go during the week of spring break and he wanted to tag along. I tried putting him off as long as I could, but eventually I had to answer him. I told him that I was going to see someone I had met the other night in the city (see below) and I wasn’t sure where we were going. He asked if we were going to go to Splash. (He really wanted to go!) I told him I didn’t think so, but I would call him if we were. That was a total lie, something which I rarely do, and as karma goes, I got caught.

The first thing I do when I get to the bar is check my coat. The bar was already buzzing with a crowd when I got there and there was a line at the coat check. There I am, waiting to check my coat, and who walks past me but him. Somehow, to my surprise, he managed to get there via the LIRR with a friend. He was impossible to avoid as we met face to face. He kissed me hello and went on his merry way. I was a little stunned and I felt guilty for having gotten caught in a lie and things were awkward at first as I proceeded to avoid him like the plague.

As the night wore on, we bumped into each other a few times and at one point he asked me once again if I was angry with him, and I told him I wasn’t, which was true. I knew from that question that he knew why I had lied and all of a sudden things seemed okay between us. We each did our own thing the rest of the night, occasionally sharing a bump and grind on the dance floor. It was actually kind of fun.

I took on the role of protector, as he had gotten pretty smashed and there were some guys trying to take advantage of that. I had to step in a few times, letting the guys know that he had someone looking out for him. Around 3AM, he told me that the friend he had come with got kicked out, and so I offered him a ride home, which he took.

It was actually nice having someone to talk to on the way home. My friend is really a good guy…he’s just a little misguided and sometimes it comes out. I think that maybe we’ve entered a whole new realm in our relationship and it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out.

And speaking of guys…

Last Saturday I met a new guy at Splash. It was another late night as he and I danced our butts off til the wee hours of the morning. Afterwards I drove him home to Queens and we had our first chance to speak a little more in depth once we were in the car. As it turns out, he’s a huge Kylie fan, and he’s going to the same show as I am in May, so that gives me a new reason to look forward to the show.

As it turns out, he’s the same age as my ex and he’s also Hispanic, from Mexico. He’s a real cutie, but I’m afraid that meeting him has served to bring the other one back into my mind. It’s funny that getting over him is taking longer than the relationship itself, but I just have to persevere.

I spoke to the new guy yesterday and we’re going to get together tomorrow, his day off. I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Stay tuned…

Odds n’ Ends

Well, today is the most beautiful day of the week and here I am at 1PM sitting in my office and typing away. I’m having a couple of friends over for dinner at 5, so I really need to get my ass in gear. I’m also a little excited because tonight one of my friends and I are going to try and get tickets to see Lady Gaga on Saturday at the Nassau Coliseum. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping we get them, but I won’t really get excited until I know we have them in hand. In the meantime, take a look at her ‘Born This Way’ from the Grammy Awards:

Born This Way - Single - Lady GaGa

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