Sunday, April 17, 2011

Song of the Day - All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue

Today's "Song of the Day" is dedicated to someone I just met recently. Ivan is a really cool guy who happens to be a huge Kylie fan. I thought I was a big fan (and I am), but I'm nothing compared to him. He actually taught me a thing or two about the evolution of Kylie, something which I hadn't known she evolved from being a pop princess (remember 'The Locomotion'?) to the seriously authentic dance artist she is today. I think I may have some new downloading to do!

Anyway, this one is off of Kylie's "Aphrodite" album. It was the first single and it's also the opening salvo of the record. The video is full of skin, which is one of the things I've always liked about this provacateur. Kylie will be making a three night stop in NY at the Hammersteing Ballroom and I hope to see Ivan there! In the meantime, enjoy 'All the Lovers':

Aphrodite - Kylie Minogue

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